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AMD's $5.42 billion in revenue in 2012 was equivalent to about a month's worth of revenue for Intel, AND that AMD yearly total includes GPU income. Sheesh. For the year, the company lost just over $1.1 billion. It can't afford to repeat its performance in 2013 - especially since it only has $1.2 billion left in the bank.

I hope AMD makes it through these tough times. It would be a massive loss if the company has to close shop or scale back its operations. 
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If the rumoured specs for the next Xbox are to be believed AMD may get a boost from the CPU & GPUs they're making for it.
AMD has been pretty resilient in the past so only time will tell.  Their 6000 Series Opteron definitely caught Intel's attention in the Server space when their cores were getting into the 12 and 16 count and vendors starting pushing those for VM based solutions.  The top Supercomputer as of Dec 2012 is Titan which is an AMD 16-core server setup.  The irony there though is that it is a hybrid using Nvidia Tesla GPU processing as well.  Ouch.
Also, if the rumors turn out to be true AMD is also supplying the chips for the new PS4. Then there is the new Steam Box, if size is to be believed I can only really see an AMD APU fulfilling the requirements. Although recent Haswell  tests have been promising in the GPU end, I still don't see it as viable.
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