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Hey Stevie B.! It's time to stare into the abyss for a bit. (Or at least that's what I argue in my latest PCWorld post.)
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It'll be interesting to see what corporate adoption plans for Win8 end up being. Most big firms hold off for quite a while before rolling out and officially supporting a new platform to their entire userbase.  Many will make their own OS system images just so they can keep an older stable Corporate software build running on new hardware that comes by default with the new OS they don't want.
I don't expect corporate adoption to be huge. While the OS has some nuts-and-bolts improvements that can improve the day-to-day workflow—boot times alone!—the UI change is just so great at first impression that a company would need to spend a lot of resources retraining their staff to use Windows. (Not to mention listening to all the gripes.)

There has already been a lot of interest in downgrade rights, and some top business-focused OEMs have said they plan to continue shipping Windows 7 systems until Microsoft makes 'em stop... which is two years from now, assuming MSFT sticks to the current lifetime schedule.
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