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Corsair's Split Cooling Personality
In case you didn't see the announcement, Corsair has released their new H110 and H90 Hydro Series all-in-one coolers that come with bigger radiators and 140mm fans http://www.corsair.com/us/cpu-cooling-kits/hydro-series-water-cooling-cpu-cooler/hydro-series-h110-280mm-high-performance-liquid-cpu-cooler.html

Enthusiasts have been requesting 140mm size radiators for some time to move up from the 120mm sized H80/H100 (and the new Link enabled H80i/H100i).  A bigger radiator is nice but I also took immediate notice of the pump/CPU Block.  Yes, that is the Asetek pump which has a mounting system that many aren't particularly fond of (I personally don't like the design).  Go to the Corsair Facebook page and read the comments and you'll see a rather common thread of "Why are you using that old pump design?". https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.521298871243539.117385.179235105449919&type=1

It seems strange, so shortly after releasing the H80i/H100i CoolIt OEM models, that they would switch back to Asetek for their 140mm version.  With the push to add Corsair Link to everything, this just seems like a step backwards on what is targeted as their higher end cooling lineup.

Corsair continues to flip/flop between these two OEM vendors and all that does is make the more savvy PC builders go "Huh?".  Hardcore enthusiasts tend to build their own custom loops and that is where Asetek and CoolIt are missing out on a possible market.  If they would make it so you could actually expand upon these systems, they would open up a whole new level of buyers.

If I were to get another all-in-one unit, I'd probably go with the H100i over the H110.  The 120mm form factor will fit into more cases and I like the idea of the Link functionality being built into the unit.  140mm is nice but good luck squeezing that into a lot of the cases currently available that barely handle 120mm radiators properly.
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