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Just passed my one year anniversary writing for Maximum PC yesterday. Woo hoo! Celebrating with some fine drinks and a fine cigar. 
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The top hat o' the seven seas, fantastic.
I've enjoyed many of your pieces. Thank you.
What type of cigar? Drink?
Hey, thanks, +Bill Grasser! Tonight, it's a Hoya de Monterray Excalibur 1066, my favorite cigar of all time. (Though CAO Crillo comes close.) As for the drink, one was a fancy Scottish ale whose bottle is now buried beneath dinner scraps and whose name is now lost to the world -- it was very good, though -- and Maudite, one of my favorite craft beers. (And not just because it features a champagne-style cork top.)
That's great, enjoy. The Excalibur is my favorite, also. I haven't had one in a long time. Haven't tried Maudite, but will check it out.
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