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Finally, the Surface gets intriguing! 
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$1000+ with keyboard for 4 hours battery life. Sub-11 inch screen (didn't we used to call those netbooks and didn't we just pronounce them dead?), so really, I wouldn't want to be doing serious work or gaming on it.

Like the Surface RT, the hardware leans too heavily to the tablet side, which makes it not an amazing laptop. Why wouldn't I just get a cheaper ultrabook with longer battery life and a larger screen? They'll even have touch screens, if you actually want to touch your laptop's screen for some reason.

This will probably still be a niche product. It's priced too high, really.
The $1k space is filled with all sorts of viable options, Surface Pro will certainly have to market themselves in such a way that sets them apart from the other options (like that Razer Edge which has lower res screen but more oomph on the graphics side & a ton more ports).
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