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Hey,a piece of mine is in Wired! Chronicling the tales of a one-handed man responsible for all sorts of nifty DIY electromagnetic guns, paranormal detection kits, tesla coils, cutting-edge electrical systems, and even pulse weapons. Best of all: He'll sell you kits and plans for all of it!
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That was a cool article, although I have to wonder if he was ever tapped by the government to work on a defense contract? It sounds like he has mini versions of some of the things the US gov are working on.
He works with the government often, including the NIH, Sandia Labs, and more - but more for big, expensive, cutting edge (and custom made) high-energy power sources than electronic weaponry.

The original draft was 4 times as long and went into much greater detail about Bob, I, and their histories and products, but it got sliced and diced after a few editorial regime changes :-/
*Bob, IU and their histories, that is. 
Cool, sounds like a fun person to be around. lol
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