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Somebody is lying big-time. My money is on the NYT reporter, who typically covers the oil industry - not cars - and who has been critical of EVs in the past.

Sure, my Elon Musk worship may make me a bit biased, but c'mon now - there are logs from the vehicle. I'm not sure if anybody has actually seen the logs, though, or just the summary reported by The Verge. 
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My money's on the reporter lying, too.

However, that's just because I want EVs to succeed. I really haven't looked into this controversy..
Hahaha I love how the logs show how far John Broder went to make the car appear to fail.  If anything, he's only strengthened and proved how the car exceeded what it was meant to do despite his attempts to make it die. Tesla Logs 1, NYT Reporter 0.
Yes! Can't wait to see that! 
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