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Tegra 4 and the other mobile stuff is a big deal, but I find myself most intrigued by Nvidia's continued focus on bringing PC gaming to the cloud. 
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forget gaming, i want to know how that rack will fold #F@H
The directions Nvidia is taking is definitely interesting stuff.  I'm not so sure about SHIELD and how it will do. If Android+Tegra4 will be capable of what they showed, then Tablet/Phone makers on Tegra4 will probably steal market from it with lower prices and add on peripherals.
I don't think handheld devices have much of a market anymore; witness the struggles of the PSP and Sony alike. I think it would have better success as a small, Steam Box- or OUYA-esque console.
Also, SHIELD's PC game playing chops are much more limited than they appear at first glance, IMHO. I'm not sure who would buy it. 
Couldn't agree more +Brad Chacos, can't see any reason why I'd want this or what I'd do with it. Novelty maybe.
Totally agree.  Look at how hard Sony keeps advertising the PS Vita and yet I honestly don't know anyone who actually owns one.  It is a very cool idea but definitely caters to a niche segment of buyers.
Never really thought about it but it does look uncomfortable as hell to hold.
Like +Joe Farrell, I didn't really consider the ergonomics at first glance or how much the thing probably weighs.

Ok onto the Cloud stuff! How well is this gaming cloud hardware going to scale? Once you get a ton of users on there, the bandwidth needed to stream multiple game instances out into the Cloud will be pretty significant because each user stream will be unique. Cost wise, I just don't see anyone investing the money in Datacenter resources (power, space, rack infrastructure, network switching, etc) for a game streaming farm.
I've a habit of dropping my 360 controllers... imagine how dumb I'd feel cracking the screen on this. Gonna need some wrist braces!
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