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Bozorth Beverages
Gourmet ginger-beer (and other flavors) soda concentrate syrup manufacturer
Gourmet ginger-beer (and other flavors) soda concentrate syrup manufacturer


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An experiment we started last week - soaking liquor in the ginger pulp waste from making our syrup. The vodka one worked quite well (little bottle on the right), so making more (middle) plus trying with dark rum (left). So far so good. :-)
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Good news! You can now find us at two new locations:

Zilla Sake House on NW Alberta in Portland is now using our ginger beer syrup in their tasty ginger cocktails.

Lingonberries market in Vancouver, WA (a neat gluten free themed market that has lots of tasty things even if you're not limited to a gluten free diet) has our ginger syrup available for sale in both sizes.

Check them out and pass the word!
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This just in! Now you can find us in an actual grocery store: the Green Zebra in Kenton, Portland.

Come check it out, and spread the news!
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Artisan market this Saturday the 17th, noon to 4pm. Come, we'll be selling our awesome ginger beer soda syrup and doing tastings of it as soda, and in cooking as well.
This will be our last one there for a couple months, so don't miss it! Pass the word, too. :-)
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Update on the Williams Sonoma artisans' market - we're in!
April 19th and May 17th
Noon till 4pm both days
Williams Sonoma on NW 23rd

We'll know later if this will be an ongoing thing for us or just these two Saturdays, but we're excited for this good start!
As we get closer we'll be hoping people can help spread the word for us. :-)
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Good news! There's a very good chance we'll be at the PDX NW 23rd Williams Sonoma artisan market, for at least their April & May dates. One Saturday each month, from noon till 4pm (their busiest time block). Talking about our product, selling it, and likely some samples, too.

More info as it becomes more concrete, but wanted to share the news. :-)
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Here's an idea for using our syrup for cooking. It's useful for things other than soda!
Ginger beer syrup cooking experiment tonight was a success. Turned it into a teriyaki-ish sauce, cooked with heat& serve (turkey) meatballs.
Was really tasty.

1/2 c. +Bozorth Beverages Ginger beer syrup
T. soy sauce
T. sake
T. diced garlic

Mix and add to frozen meatballs. Heat covered for 12 minutes on medium. Uncover and simmer for 8 minutes.
Serve over rice
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We'll be making the next batch of syrup tonight!

We've got about half of the batch spoken for, so far.  Interestingly, the majority of the existing requests are going to the Seattle area, with a few in the Portland area.

There's still a few bottles left, and if you get your order in now, you're guaranteed a bottle from this batch.

If you've made a verbal request, we'll be contacting you to confirm that you still want a bottle and to make payment and delivery arrangements.
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Looks like our next batch will be made and bottled this Thursday, January 30th. If you would like to pre-order a bottle of syrup, let us know either via email or ordering from the Square store.

Props to Rob Scott for being the first person to order a bottle from the second batch.
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Val was in the kitchen on Saturday making the first batch of syrup. With pre-orders from people, and reminders to some who had expressed interest, we completely sold out the first batch!

Most of the bottles were delivered yesterday, and Val will be making arrangements with Beaverton-centric people for pick-up or delivery this week.

If you missed out on the first batch, and want in on the second, hit up the webpage for email and purchase links.

Thank you all for your support!
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