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I am about to open an investigation with this postal office. They have lost multiple packages of mine, and no one in my apartment building has received mail for the past week. Additionally, they lied and said that they attempted to deliver two packages to me this week, when no attempts were made. I was home all day both of the days that I anticipated the packages coming. No one rang our doorbell, yet our food delivery had no problem ringing our bell and delivering to us. I suspect that employees are tampering with and stealing packages. I called the USPS main number this morning, and they said that both packages were at the local post office. I went to pick them up there, and once there was told that neither of those packages were found. I spoke to the supervisor and she promised to call me this afternoon once locating the packages. No phone call was made to me. I then called USPS' main number again and they said to call Consumer Affairs, but that if no package is located, and since they were not insured that I might just eat the cost. I needed one of those deliveries for a wedding I'm going to. This is the third time in the past month and a half that this postal office has lost my packages. I will do everything in my power to shut them down. Where are all of the packages going if they just magically disappear?
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I ordered a chicken salad tonight at 6:40pm. 3 hours later, they came and the order is completely wrong, and there is absolutely no chicken in my chicken salad. My boyfriend ordered it from his Grubhub account and called both Grubhub and Oaxaca twice each. Oaxaca just told him the delivery person was on his way, and didn't offer to check and call us back with more info. I live four blocks away, but was dealing with a deadline and couldn't go to pick it up. We called the second time, and my boyfriend had to suggest to them to call their delivery person, they didn't even offer to do that. They had to suggest to them that they take his phone number down to call him back once they understood why the delivery person still hadn't shown up yet. Finally at 9:30 the delivery person came. I really should have just cancelled the order and made one with Tepache, the other Mexican spot down the street. Once the food arrived it was completely wrong. Not only did my chicken salad not have chicken, but I specifically asked for no sour cream because I'm lactose intolerant, and the majority of the salad was sour cream. This was the worst customer service I've ever experienced and I would strongly recommend going to Tepache instead.
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Their work is haphazard at best, and their sales reps and project managers are completely disorganized and incredibly unprofessional. I hired them through the organization that I work for to help us complete a translation job. We hired them for the premium service that included the additional proof reading. When we realized that parts of the document were not even translated, we asked to be discounted, because why would we pay for the extra proof reading, if clearly no one had proof read it? Any reply from them took at 4-5 business days, and no answer was given for 3 weeks. The explanation is that they are experiencing internal changes, that effected their ability to respond to me. Internal organizational changes have nothing to do with delivering horrible customer service. I definitely will never use them again, nor would I recommend them to anyone.
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