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VIDEO: Friends & family say 16 year-old gay teen, Brandon Elizares, was bullied for 2 years before he commited suicide
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It's so sad when a beautiful young man simply go on with life. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.
This saddens me and also angers me. People need to wake up and help these kids before this happens. These kids feel there's no way out. I luckily knew there was a horizon beyond this world of bullying and being called the F word and spit on daily. I survived it due to my optimism. I wish someone would sit down with these kids and tell them it gets better. There's a life beyond high school. It'll be over and they can flourish in college.

I am beyond upset that this still continues. Give these kids the tools to realize what's possible. 
+Zeus Becerra I agree.  I had no friends and had a very tough time too just like you did.  Still is challenging for me to keep going sometimes when I hear these stories. 
Even the friends I had couldnt understand what I was experiencing. I basically hid that side for years. I was even training to
Be an actor in college (where I flourished) but when you don't know yourself, it's harder to lose ones self in a part.

These kids need an outlet and a creative aspect to channeling all that pain. 
They need to not be experiencing the pain at all.  They need to feel love not hate.  And school admins need to be taught to change behaviors of kids that bully and call names.  Perhaps if they showed this video to Brandon's class...I think it might change their minds about their closed minded perspectives.
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