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Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present to you +The KDE Community's official GitHub mirror.

A few hours of quick and dirty scripting on my part, and a whole lot of integration by our sysadmin +Ben Cooksley later, we now mirror all of our project repositories on GitHub.

The initial sync is still in progress, and should take another 6 hours or so to complete. After that, any pushes to should be synced to GitHub instantly.

For developers, it should now also be possible to clone from GitHub (instead of and push to
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I wasn't asking about depending on Github.
My question was in context of given that this new KDE Github mirror comes only roughly a months after Albert wrote "we could greatly benefit from doing something like that KDE-wise". Keep in mind: He merges Github Pull requests back to
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Boudhayan Gupta

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All in an afternoon's work - enabled UVD on the open-source Radeon drivers. This is how I did it:

UVD on the free radeon drivers requires three parts - an updated mesa package, updated firmware, and linux-3.10.

I already have the latest mesa running because I don't use the official mesa packages from arch; rather, I use the excellent mesa-git repository which does a pretty good job of tracking and updating the mesa packages from git every few days. You can get the repository from here:

You also need updated firmware for your radeon cards. Thankfully, the current linux-firmware package includes all the required firmware, so you don't need to hunt for any more packages - simply run pacman -Syu

The third bit you need is linux-3.10. In my case, installing linux-3.10 is a complete no-no, because I don't use the stock kernel, I use linux-ck (which includes the bfs scheduler and the bfq io scheduler, two things that I actually need to avoid lockups on my system). Turns out there's a way to get away with using linux-3.9 - backports.

What you need to do is the follwing:

1. Head to and get the latest stable release. As of now, it's backports-3.10-rc1-2. Download the tarball and keep it somewhere.

2. Ensure you have a compiler, your linux-headers package, and ncurses installed.

3. Extract the tarball with tar -xvjf backports-1.10-rc1-2.tar.bz2

4. Head into the kconfig directory and edit the Makefile. In line 6, (the first line that starts with mconf: ....), remove the "-ltinfo" at the end. This is because most distributions nowadays build ncurses as two libraries - libncurses and libtinfo (which includes the terminfo bits separately), but Arch does not.

5. Now run make menuconfig. Disable everything except Direct Rendering Manager, and inside it, only (repeat only) ATI Radeon. Leave ATI Rage and everything else well alone. Leave userspace modesetting disabled. Again, disable everything else.

6. now run make && sudo make install. This will build your modules and install them into the /lib/modules/<your-kernel-version>/updates directory, and run depmod for you automatically. If you need to remove the backports, simply remove this updates directory and run sudo depmod -a. No other files are touched.

7. Rebuild your initramfs - something like sudo mkinitcpio -p linux should do. (replace linux with your kernel variant. Mine is linux-ck).

8. Reboot!

9. Once rebooted, open a terminal and run dmesg | grep -i uvd. You should see a line like this: [drm] UVD initialized successfully.

10. Now install vdpauinfo and run VDPAU_DRIVER=r600 vdpauinfo. This should list quite a few video modes available under Decoder Capabilities - there should be modes for MPEG1/2/4, VC1 and H.264.

11. If it works, add the line VDPAU_DRIVER=r600 into /etc/environment. Congratulations, you have enabled hardware accelerated video decoding using the open source drivers on your radeon card!

Now - you need to rebuild the backports every time you update the kernel, until you get 3.10. UVD support is included in 3.10, so once you get it, you can let go of the backports. The line in /etc/environment needs to be kept added, however, because otherwise vdpau will default to looking for nvidia drivers, which obviously don't exist on an AMD system.

/CC +Michael Larabel and +Swapnil Bhartiya 
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Hey Super cool. Looks i can finally do away with catalyst and being stuck with 1.17 and 3.4. Btw you should also make a post on ways to enable radeon.dpm. thats the one final thing holding  me back.
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Boudhayan Gupta

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Because you don't need the Internet to chat. Also, because Microsoft Office helps your kids learn Karate.
Are there any Arch mirrors that support HTTPS?

I've got proxies at my college that block FTP and intercept all HTTP traffic, first downloading the file and "checking for viruses" before they let me download the file from the proxy server. It's a Forefront TMG proxy.

Thankfully HTTPS traffic is not intercepted, so using a mirror that supports HTTPS should, in theory, work.
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When does gnome 3.8 appear in the stable repos?
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You just CAN’T use a "stable" repo AND ask to have such massive update AT ONCE.
You can’t.
Or use "unstable" ones and enjoy.
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Boudhayan Gupta

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Namoshkar from Kolkata, India!
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