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Spending quality time with your spouse or significant other is essential in keeping that spark of romance alive! If you’re planning a romantic getaway to Albuquerque, New Mexico, you’ve found the perfect place to go on some unforgettable dates together. This city is overflowing with fun things to do for couples. Take a look at some helpful Albuquerque date ideas and start fine-tuning your vacation itinerary today!

5 of the Best Albuquerque Date Ideas
1. Enjoy a Romantic Meal
Spend some quality time together by treating yourselves to a romantic dinner in a comfortable and welcoming environment! Here are a few of the best date night restaurants in Albuquerque that you are bound to love.

Antiquity Restaurant

La Crepe Michel

The Crown Room

2. Explore the Great Outdoors
One of the most romantic things to do in Albuquerque is to get outside! Albuquerque is filled with gorgeous scenery for you to admire. Take a look at some of the most romantic spots in Albuquerque where the two of you can enjoy the great outdoors together!

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Traveling is an excellent way to spend some much-needed quality time with your special someone! If you’re looking for a new destination for the two of you to explore together, look no farther than Albuquerque, New Mexico. A beautiful, historic city, you’ll find it’s the perfect place for you and your sweetheart to visit. There are so many fun things to do for couples in Albuquerque; you probably won’t even know where to begin when making an itinerary. There are all kinds of fun dates in Albuquerque; however, one of the best is enjoying an intimate dinner together. Take a look at some of the most romantic restaurants in Albuquerque to start planning a date the two of you will never forget!

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Everyone loves the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico- the fascinating culture, exciting environment, and famous attractions draw countless visitors to this state’s capital all year long. One of the best things to do while staying here is to explore the many surrounding cities and attractions. Albuquerque, New Mexico’s largest city, is the ideal spot for a fun weekend trip from Santa Fe. Full of rich history, amazing restaurants, and fun activities, Albuquerque, NM, is a great destination for anyone, no matter what you love to do. Discover what this amazing city in the desert has to offer and start planning your weekend trip from Santa Fe to Albuquerque today.

Everything You Need to Know About Weekend Getaways from Santa Fe to Albuquerque
Santa Fe to Albuquerque Distance
The Santa Fe to Albuquerque distance totals to approximately 65 miles. It takes a little over an hour to drive from Santa Fe to Albuquerque, the perfect amount of time for a laid-back, leisurely weekend trip. If you don’t want to drive, hop on the Rail Runner in Santa Fe. This is a fun and inexpensive way to travel from Santa Fe to Albuquerque! This trip is less than $10 round-trip and offers comfortable seats and quick transport. You’ll also be treated to gorgeous views of the surrounding New Mexico scenery flying past. Check the Rail Runner weekend schedule to see what departure times work best for your itinerary.

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Albuquerque is a great place for having unforgettable adventures! This area contains some of the most unique attractions and activities you’ve ever experienced- you can cruise down the iconic Route 66, take a scenic ride on the Sandia Park Tramway, or even float over the historic city in a hot air balloon! You will never run out of fun things to do here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. One attraction you need to explore while you’re here is the Volcano Park in Albuquerque. This is a rare natural landmark that is full of fascinating elements. Learn everything you need to know about the Volcano Park in Albuquerque and make plans to explore this incredible place today!

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There are countless reasons why so many people choose to visit Albuquerque! This incredible destination offers numerous things to do, including hiking, dining, and exploring unique historic sites. One of the best characteristics of Albuquerque, however, is its one-of-a-kind craft beer scene. There are many excellent breweries here and all of them are worth a visit. However, La Cumbre Brewing Company is one Albuquerque brewery that can’t be skipped! Their fun environment combined with their outstanding beers makes them a treat to visit. Take a look at why this is such a great attraction in Albuquerque and make plans to stop by today!

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New Mexico is a spectacular state with numerous, wonderful attributes, such as amazing historic sites, fascinating museums, and beautiful parks, just to name a few! Another fine quality of this incredible vacation destination is the many incredible restaurants found here; Nob Hill in Albuquerque is one area in particular that contains some truly excellent spots for delicious dining. From pizza joints to authentic Mexican food, this area has something for everyone when it comes to savoring a mouthwatering meal. Learn all about some of the best Nob Hill Albuquerque restaurants to help you start planning your next getaway to this exciting city!

5 of the Best Nob Hill Albuquerque Restaurants

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Fascinating history, delectable dining, one-of-kind attractions- these are merely a few of the reasons why so many people choose Albuquerque, New Mexico, for their dream vacation destination! The endless things to do combined with the iconic and intriguing tourist attractions makes this portion of New Mexico a true treasure. While you’re enjoying the many activities here, like exploring parks, museums, and historic sites, make sure to enjoy a night out on the town by spending an evening at the Albuquerque Little Theatre. This amazing theatre is a favorite spot of both locals and visitors alike. You’ll be treated to spectacular shows performed by some of the most talented actors! Learn all about what the Albuquerque Little Theatre has to offer and buy your tickets to your favorite show today!

Everything You Need to Know Before You Visit the Albuquerque Little Theatre

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There’s always something happening in Albuquerque, New Mexico! With its abundance of concert stages and other great entertainment venues, this city is always hosting fantastic events and festivals. One of the best events that takes place every year here is Comic Con Albuquerque. Learn everything you need to know about this highly anticipated festival and make plans to attend this year!

What You Need to Know about Comic Con Albuquerque 2017
When and Where
Comic Con Albuquerque 2017 will take place January 15th through January 17th in the Albuquerque Convention Center at 401 2nd Street in Albuquerque.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the ideal vacation destination for anyone craving an unforgettable adventure in the great outdoors. With an abundance of stunning scenery and magnificent sights, this area is truly worth your time and energy exploring. One spot you don’t want to miss in Albuquerque is the Cibola National Forest, filled with incredible natural wonders. You are bound to love this spacious forest as it provides countless activities, jaw-dropping views, and a relaxing environment. Discover everything you need to know about this attraction and make plans to visit today!

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Begin your day’s adventure in New Mexico with the best breakfast in Albuquerque. This city in the heart of New Mexico offers all the ingredients for the perfect getaway: unique attractions, spectacular landscape, and fantastic dining, You’ll want to start your day in this amazing destination with a hearty and memorable breakfast to get you going, so take a look at our top choices and make plans for your vacation!
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