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New ESPN spot with @paulpierce34: "We're not here to talk about history. We're here to keep makin' it." #iamaceltic
Paul Pierce wants to add to the Celtics' legacy and raise yet another championship banner in Boston. An NBA on ESPN 2012 Playoffs commercial.
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Go Celtics!! Shut 'em down with your D, and let Rondo pick 'em, and the rest of you sink 'em!
Lets go Celtics beat the Hawks on the road tonight in game 1!
Since Rose tore his acl and is out Celtics are gonna make it to the finals if they stay pretty healthy.
@ Matt Greco: Unfortunately, you're likely correct. I'm a big Celts fan, but I hate it when the landscape of the playoffs (or regular season for that matter) changes due to injury. I mean, look at Gronkowski. Who knows how things would've gone had he been 100%.

Would be much much more satisfying to get to #18, having gone through D-Rose and the Bulls at full strength, in my opinion.
a championship is a championship it doesn't matter how you get there it just matters that u won it in the end.
@ Nathaniel Okoth: May not matter to you, but it matter's to me. I prefer seeing the best v the best. Some people prefer winning on each their own.
derrick rose doesnt make a difference to the celtics Rondo is way better and will win with or without rose
Bulls beat the Celtics 3 times this year. I'm going to go ahead and say that Derrick Rose being there was likely a major factor in that. I love the Celtics, but I'm not about to say that Derrick Rose means nothing to the Bulls. I don't think that's a very accurate statement at all.
Cripes, Celtics need to wake the eff up if they hope to put up #18.
The heck is going on...I don't mind losing, but they're stinkin' up the floor right now.
Yeah, you can always count on Tommy H to take the refs to task lol
Yeah, I've been waiting for them to go all night. I hope Doc tears them a new one after this game.
They're giving up way way too many 3's collapse on D.
i am! their down by 6, thats good compared to the way they've been
oooo not u mara Brian Murphy needs to focus on the positive
ohh ok good i waas like umm i am focusing on the positive lol
Too little too late =( Hopefully they don't get off to as slow a start in game 2.
Crappy games happen man, just need to rebound in game 2.
May win the series, certainly. Game 1's over though.
Reffing looked terrible in that game though, so not entirely the C's fault or anything. But, they definitely need to come out shooting better than they did in the first quarter, for sure.
Heh, the good news is they've got 3 more games to shake off the rust. Aww man, I must've missed Rondo's ejection...I didn't know he made contact with a Ref...ugh....
I am just saying refs are way to selective its supposed to be even sided but its not.
True, but I think there's a bigger problem with refs making crap calls altogether.
yea I agree I don't know what they could do but maybe have a call booth ref like in hockey and Football and when something is seen it should be called out or find ways to rate ref game calling.
Make ref punishments public, across all leagues. They should be put in the limelight for their mistakes every bit as much as the players and management are. So they know that EVERYONE is watching. Also, so that we know they're getting punished.
I agree the refs get off way to easy. They play a huge role in emotions durning games not to mention playoff games.
+Stephen Andrew When the refs make themselves as important or more important than any player on the floor, the game is ruined. The refs are there to monitor the game, not influence its outcome. At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised to see refs getting their own stat lines. Fouls handed out, ejections, bad calls etc...
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