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Rajon Rondo had his 16th career triple-double, and third of the season, while KG dropped 25 points and 10 rebounds in the Celtics 102-96 win over the Milwaukee Bucks at TD Garden Wednesday night.

Ford Keys to the Game:
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I feel you Jeremy, Danny Ainge need me to go and have a talk with him. I am still upset about Perkins, and his decisions in the last two years hasn't been the best. :D
Don't deal rondo... trade ray allen and kevin garnett for brook lopez and monta ellis. sign-and-trade in the offseason for dwight! re-sign allen and garnett...
That's not going to work Jun Seo; trade Marquis Daniels, Keyon Dooling and Jermaine O'neal.
Trade Danny Ainge too lol
lol nobody's going to take marquis daniels keyon and jermaine
or danny ainge for that matter lol
Rondo is the definition of BEAST!
With Rondo as their leader, the celtics will achieve great things!
this kid is a killer and the CELTICS want to trade him? i hope he stays and we build around him. the three amigos we be gone soon.
Props for Rondo last night, but I gotta say Avery Bradley and KG did pretty well too.
In regards of the trade rumors about Rondo, I don't want to see him go either, but it makes sense if the front office trade him away. If they decide to keep him the team shouldn't build around Rondo imo.
@ Jun Seo lol
i was @ that game ... it was a close one!
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