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Apologies for my poorly written article included in those links, but glad it made some sense to you. I should really update it and post it elsewhere.

Enjoyed reading through your article. I especially liked the considerations for touch devices, which I didn't factor in when claiming CSS should not be made aware of scaling factors used for viewing distances.

Considering the future of projectors and interaction with them, I would expect projectors with any sort of area for interaction to project the result so it appears at the true dimensions on whatever surface it projects on to, but because viewing distance is highly variable based on where the user sets up, it's up to the user to adjust accordingly, not the device or designer. The device should simply report what it is producing on it's own internal rendering surface, so a designer knows how many physical pixels are available to project from, and how short and thin the rendering surface become as viewing distance is increased. If the viewer makes things too big or small, that's up to them and their needs for both viewing and interaction. For types of projectors that use a fixed distance from a surface, the viewing distance adjustments happen according to the device's known setup, but again the designer doesn't need to know anything about that scaling, only what is available on the internal rendering surface of the projector in order for it to provide the correct result on the projected surface. This all of course assumes you're running at digital projector independently, not trying to clone another desktop with an entirely different resolution (That's just beyond the scope of CSS, and would never produce accurate results.)

New true dimensions is one way to go, and definitely seems like less hassle for user-agents, but I still think my idea would work better and much of the legacy support is similar to how zoom has evolved, and how IE has tried not to break the web going from IE6 to 9.
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