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Working on a reliable polyfill for the <img srcset> attribute.
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+Paul Irish +Boris Smus  may i ask what's the timeline for <img srcset> being put into webkit and hence, chrome? And the srcset attribute will be a comma delineated list with what ordering? I can't tell if this attribute is more for 2x retina displays or for covering different widths/heights of iphones vs. tablets vs. desktops.
+Malte Ubl no browser implements it yet. Breaking new ground here!

img.src is "" if unset, so not sure what the expected value is. However, using in sounds like a good idea anyway. Thanks! In general, I guess such a test would be a worthwhile to put into Modernizr? +Paul Irish 
Boris, do you see a use case for adding a currentSrc IDL attribute to the spec?    
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