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Fast so gut wie das "butthurt" Formular ;-)
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Ein Fehllink, allgemein auch als 'Wurstlink' bezeichnet kommt vor. Kein Thema.
In Zukunft werden alle Enlightened Spieler darum gebeten dies nicht mehr einfach auf die leichte Schulter zu nehmen sondern das unten angehängte Formular, welches freundlicherweise von Frau +Verena Niediek​ zur Verfügung gestellt wurde, auszufüllen und an das

Enlightened Büro Aachen
Abteilung für Linkangelegenheiten

zu schicken. Der Link wird dann überprüft und klassifiziert. Wie dann weiter damit Verfahren wird kommt dann auf den Einzelfall an.
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+Frank Engel du machst dann aber den papierkram ! :-P
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proud to be part of this community !
First L16 portals in Munich built by local agents

On March 18th 2015, slightly more than two years after the first ENL L8 portal in Munich, we finally managed to build the first L16 portal only with local agents. Since “local” is a bit complicated to define in the world of Ingress, we gathered 11 L16 agents on site and built several portals in different combinations.
Even if someone claims, that L16 portals have improved output, nobody hacked them all to burnout, since we also had beer waiting at our weekly meeting ;-)

This great success for the Munich Enlightened could not have been achieved without this great community and the support and team spirit of their agents !!!

Beside the fun we had, we also did some serious math, to give you some numbers:

over half a billion AP in a single picture (509,444,544 AP)
25 black badges
30 platin badges
11 L16 agents in total (8 living in Munich, 10 working in Munich) 

#L16 agents (in alphabetical order):
@CaligulaGaius, @Dingel, @falkinator74, @GreenHamster, @kurzland, @salov, @Seaspotter, @Suedschwede, @thepir8, @yberion, @zettpe 

Greetings to all smurfs with good sportsmanship, let’s further enjoy this game and the challenges!
Kudos to Resistance for building the first L16 portal worldwide here in Munich, but only one part-time local was involved after the Helios event.
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Eure Scanner sehen irgendwie so blau aus... 😜
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featuring #calvinball   ;-)
Fifty Shards In Play
Coming soon to a portal near you.

*Actual shard/artifact count may vary. Consult your TOS before transporting shards.

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Klar, kenn ich Calvin&Hobbes. Glaub die von Niantic nehmen sich selbst nicht so ernst ;-)
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Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy. See the photos, articles and tributes here:
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Beam mich hoch Scotti!
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awesome event, congratulation to the new record

After successful gathering of the Enlightened strike force in Amsterdam ( #AmsterDAMN ) and Rome ( #CaputMundi ), Paris seemed to be a good candidate city for the next European Enlightened big challenge and reunion.

We have been used to challenging ourselves at each new operation. But this time, we wanted to reach a new level of crazyness. We decided to beat the record of P8 concurrently standing in a single city by building at least 4000 P8 portals within one night. (Previous record being 1878 P8 in Barcelona within 31 hours)

The date was set on Saturday, November 8th (hoping that no official Niantic anomalies would overlap with our event), and first invitations were sent early this summer.

More than 230 Enlightened agents from 12 countries took part in this adventure : The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Belgium and France.

The challenge started in the afternoon, when local players planned to turn Paris parks into green P8s before their closing times. In the meantime, some other local agents spent the day in the Tuileries garden to greet visiting players and offer them a “welcome pack” full of goodies and useful information.

The most difficult part of the organisation was to prevent our foreign visitors not to show any visible ingress activity before the night of the event so that we could remain as discreet as possible. But obviously that was not a complete success as everyone was also rushing for their own next achievement/medals.

Eventually, everybody gathered at 10:00 PM at the meeting point to find his team and get a last briefing. At 11:00 PM, everyone was in his area and the green P8 festival began from 19 different places accross Paris.

During 8 hours, 19 teams built up Enlightened level 8 portals within their assigned area and beyond, exceeding the initial goal after only 6 hours, under supervision of the chief operator’s delighted eyes.

At 7:00 AM, more than 4800 (or 5200, depending on the counting tools) Enlightened P8 were concurrently standing in Paris city, thereby smashing numbers from previous operations and establishing a new world Ingress record !
This huge number of level 8 portals was achieved within 8 hours, which sets an average speed of more than 600 P8/hour : fastest speed achieved being a new P8 every 4 seconds !

We would like to thank every country and every single agent who took part in this operation. Nothing would have been possible without you. This week-end was amazing and will remain a historical moment for Paris Enlightenment ! 
“We are the world. we are crazy. we are Enlightened !”

#ingress   #ingressreport   #ingressparis   #enlparis   #GreenParis8   #gp8  
+Ingress +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +John Hanke 
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Have him in circles
1,257 people
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Mad Fieldart Munich
Operation: White Unicorn ~  #München   07/18/2015 #SITREP  

During the Perseoplis anomaly in Bratislava, Enlightened agents from Austria and Munich planned on making a big event with agents from both communities. After discussing what exactly  we wanted to do, we decided to make a fieldart of Amuro Ray's Personal Emblem from the Anime "Mobile Suit Gundam", and so OPERATION:WHITE UNICORN was born.

On the 18th of July at 12:00, we all met at the old botanic garden to distribute keys and making a group picture. After 2 hours of clearing the field, capturing the 27 portals and deploying the 54 links we managed to complete the fieldart.

We even spent the rest of the day together, enjoying our well-deserved refreshments at the "Hofbräukeller Biergarten" and delicious dinner in the "Café am Nordbad"

FIELD DESIGN: +Andreas Kellner
ORGANISATION: +Martin Zehetmayer
OPERATORS: +Michael R. +Charly s
FIELDAGENTS: +Andreas Kellner +Raphael Kellner +fiona kruckow  +Boris Pirstinger +Martin Zehetmayer +Lamona Beats +Pin Guin +Gunnar S +Frank Engel +Lucas Welser +Gregor Just +Selene Weidinger +Michael Hoiss +Christian Linzatti +Jan Magerl +Lena H. +Herwig HÖFLE +Manuela Höfle +Bernhard Aschenwald +Sibel Karacasulu +Daniel Grosser +Eva Bräumann +Robert Aigner +Ramona S. +hans-peter zutavern  +Thomas Kuhlen +Max SiD +Michael Rieger +John Schärli +Thomas Lunardon +Dennis L. +Nicole Kraler +Mathias König +321 M3ins +Andreas Gscheidle +Christian Perfler +Andreas Hippauf +Andi P. +Grit Springer +Stephan Leuenberger

+Ingress +NIA Ops +Susanna Moyer +Brandon Badger +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Joe Philley 
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Awesome Event, great people, so much fun, big thanks to the hosts !!!

Five months ago we asked ourselves what we should do during Ingress summer without shards and anomalies. After we had so much fun in Hamburg at #GreenValentine   we decided to invite the Enlightened world to our beautiful capital - for more than just playing Ingress.The Date was set to July, 10th to July, 12th and first invitations were sent early in spring.

More than 320 Enlightened agents from 10 countries participated in this special event: The Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia and Germany. So it was the biggest Ingress event in Europe not organized by Niantic.

We started with the first meet up and beautiful welcome packages for the participants on Friday at Alexanderplatz, right at the base of the Fernsehturm. While we had a really great evening without all that stress caused by smurfs and battles, the city turned blue. Even RES Germany followed our invitation and managed to built up additional 300 P8s for us! Such achievement, much portals, wow!

On Saturday morning all agents met at Spreebogenpark where a special event mission waited and the group picture took place. Meanwhile the first local RES player showed up. Thank you for welcoming us @Zorig, it was really a lot of fun! At 12:00 PM 16 farm2go teams with great guides started simultaneously to free the city of the more than 1800 blue P8. Within the next 4 hours we added 1000 green P8s and smashed almost as many blue ones. Smurfs who escorted our teams allowed us to make further unique captures while we destroyed more and more portals in the city.

In the evening we all met at the Pirates Beach Bar for a great party and BBQ with feet on sand directly at the river Spree and a great view of the Oberbaumbrücke, while the city turned blueish again. But at that moment, nearly no agent cared about it. We had a perfect day. We met all the agents we previously only knew from hangouts or posts on Google+ or only see at anomalies. And we spent a terrific time together. Let the smurfs prepare the playing field for Sunday, while we had fun chatting and chilling out.

Sunday morning, smurfs were busy during the night, perfect conditions for our teams to roam through the city again and gather more unique captures. The final meet up and chill out in the afternoon took place at Volkspark Friedrichshain, the place of the last cluster during Recursion in 2014 where many of us met the first time. It was rainy, but again we had a great time together.

Operation Allied Forces was a full success! Our main objective, enjoying Berlin in summer and taking home some great memories, has been reached. It was awesome! And it shows clearly that Ingress is not about portals. It’s about people!

And as promised, we even cracked another benchmark. ;)

A really big THANK YOU! to our sponsors!!
+LaserLogoShop your badges are awesome!! We really love them and it was certainly not the last time that you’ve heard from us!  Our next order at isn’t too far away.
+LOST PLACE - Janine Draht thank you for helping us with flyers, gummy bears, stickers and hosting us to prepare all the swag at the Lost Place Shop. You are fabulous!

Thanks to all of our guests, who made this weekend a memorable experience! Also thanks to all smurfs helping us so our guests could get as many unique captures as they did!

Overall Coordination: Lyska
Orga: Claudija, Lyska NeonTweety, PebCak, philkaracho, Trminator
Design: philkaracho, PebCak
Event Homepage: CHP, philkaracho
Event Mission: Matti91Tilde
Money Management/Cash Cow: philkaracho
Sponsoring/Swag Orders: Claudija, PebCak, philkaracho
Party Orga/Location/Security: plutoberlin, Claudija, Claudine2710, helloggs, KlingonYeti, LadyGina, mahendrasourie, moenk, Raquyas, seneca11, sonderangebot, Omally, overflowed
OPs: achkomm, Berndorin, haaxxx66666, Ki110rk4i, ShinIce
Guides: 3lk23, Amhehu, bowery, CHP, chicken234, claudija, derZAKftw, eishockeymaster, ex4rch, Helloggs, hitman44, JaPPeB, julesbonnot, KalterHund, KlingonYeti, Kittybaby, MahendraSourie, maple127, NeonTweety, Omally, overflowed, philkaracho, Raquyas, rescape, Shadshar, shoku, stm9x9, sonderangebot, susann,  toboter, tuxmobil
Swag Faries & Helping Hands: claudija, drumthedrum, emsa, JappeB, KalterHund, Kanickel, KittyBaby, LadyGina, maple127, Omally, Raquyas,  seneca11, ShadowWyrm, Trminator
Tour Planning: chicken234, derZAKftw, Helloggs, Lyska, NeonTweety, rescape, Trminator, toboter, Omally
Transport services: BlutUndEisen, ex4rch, julesbonnot, majohe, msu01
Special Guest support/hosting: rescape
Enlightened Bakery: Aradiv & Chrysopia  (Yes, we did have delicious COOKIES!) macrojames

With these many helping hands, we missed someone, probably - We’re sorry about that already.

We'll share a best of album of all the pics you posted as soon as we managed to see them all through. Thank you for being our photographers NCC1701R, DoomChryz & many others!

#Ingress   #Enlightened   #AlliedForces   #Berlin   #whoneedsscreenshots  

+Ingress +NIA Ops +Matilde Tusberti +Anne Beuttenmüller +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Niantic Project 
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awesome "thank you" field op, efficient, fast and fun !
Operation BlIll   (Black Illuminators)
6 Black Illuminator badges, 2 Level up to 16; with rebuilding a 8-layered million MU field 4 times

German below/Deutsch unten

Some weeks ago, I unexpectedly received a new black badge: The Illuminator.
About 14 months ago I took part in a multi-layered field operation for Enlightened Munich and was the lucky guy that had the opportunity to close 6 layers resulting in 4.4 million mind units.  
Now I had a badge for finishing something that would have been impossible without the countless agents in the field with clearing, doing key transfers, watching the intel map and more.
I wanted to say “thank you” to at least some other agents of my faction and designed a fielding plan over munich and with solely one purpose: Generate as much MU as possible for the agents at the anchors, without the need to drive hundreds of kilometers and give some agents the chance to enlighten their agent profiles with the black Illuminator badge or even L16. 
Sadly only few agents can profit of a megafield over munich, but I think the resulting six black illuminator badges and two new L16 agents and one to follow very soon (go go go,@wazoo!) were worth the effort and call for more.

The plan was risky but worked out great with every planned layer.
* Build eight fields from two single anchors to eight portals in a small city
* Flip first single anchor and rebuild the fields
* Flip second anchor and rebuild fields
* Flip anchors 2-8 in the small city (layer 1 stayed online as safety belt because the operation already lasted 30 minutes and nobody wants to see last minute blockers ;) )
* Rebuild the 7 layers (and fill the gaps as bonus)
31 * 1 million mind units (almost exactly, -+ 2k)
6 * Black Illuminator (@SeaSpotter, @ShinIce, @Intruder1362, @wazoo, @falkinator74, @veneficia)
2 * Level up to 16 (@SeaSpotter, @Intruder1362)
1 * Level up to 16 prepared (only 3 million AP missing)@wazoo

Assisted in clearing:
@GDtec, @Nalar, @Adipin, @Muilav, @Thayra, @achkomm, @Magurae, @thepir8, @fl0wfl0w, @Joker247, @MistaBee, @fightgirl, @microjane, @HiddenJoe, @Redkorora, @Sturmwurm, @Cassiopeia, @HannesPaul, @MisterGosh, @Lathressa, @Pinguin16, @Suedschwede, @BastyG, @ForzaDynamo, @alfusmaximus, @gruenekatze,(and myself for a totally unexpected blocklink with the exact length of the corridor)
Backup operator:@rostschraube

Thanks for the fast key transfers and any assistance I got in planning and execution during this operation, thanks to all members of the Enlightened Munich for this awesome community. 
And greetings to all Munich smurfs with good sportsmanship, let’s further enjoy this game and the challenges!

Deutsche Version

Vor einigen Wochen erhielt ich unerwartet meinen ersten Black Badge: Den Illuminator.
Vor ungefähr 14 Monaten war ich der Glückliche, der bei einem Multi-Layer Feld über München 6 Felder schließen durfte und hatte damit 4,4 Millionen Mind Units verbucht.
Ich hatte also einen Badge, der ohne die Hilfe der zahllosen Agenten im Feld und vor der Intel nicht möglich gewesen wäre.
Ich wollte nun “Danke” sagen, zumindest an einige Agents meiner Faction, und entwarf einen Feldplan über München mit einem einzigen Zweck: Möglichst viele MU für die Linkagents zu generieren, ohne dass Agenten hunderte Kilometer fahren müssen. Und damit einigen Agenten die Chance zu geben, ihr Profil mit einem Black Illuminator Badge zu erhellen oder sogar direkt Level 16 zu werden. 
Leider können nur wenige von einem Feld über München direkt profitieren aber ich denke, das Ergebnis mit 6 Black Illuminator Badges, zwei neuen Level 16 Spielern, einem kurz davor (Gib Gas,@wazoo!) kann sich sehen lassen und ruft nach mehr.

Der Plan war riskant, hat aber mit jedem geplanten Layer funktioniert:
* Acht Felder von zwei einzelnen Ankern auf acht Portale einer Kleinstadt aufbauen 
* Ersten Einzelanker flippen und Felder neu aufbauen
* Zweiten Einzelanker flippen und Felder neu aufbauen
* Die Anker 2-8 in der Kleinstadt flippen (Layer 1 blieb stehen um kein zusätzliches Risiko einzugehen, da die Operation schon 30 Minuten dauerte)
* Neuaufbau der letzten 7 Layer und Füllen der Lücken

siehe oberhalb des deutschen Textes

Danke für die schnellen Key Transfers und jegliche Unterstützung, die ich während der Planung und Durchführung erhalten habe.
Danke auch an alle Enlightened Munich für die großartige Gemeinschaft!
Grüße auch an die Münchner Schlümpfe, die es sportlich nehmen und weiterhin mit uns Spaß am Spiel haben und den Wettbewerb suchen.

And some shiny mentions:
+Matilde Tusberti +Anne Beuttenmüller +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Ingress +Ingress Enlightened Munich 
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Gz Euch ALLEN :-)
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We had a great green weekend in Hamburg, thanks to everyone for making this happen.
OP Green Valentine Hamburg

“We should do a fun event and meet everyone in Hamburg” and thus the idea was born: Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day with playing Ingress, let’s have a GREEN VALENTINE.

As fun was the primary goal, we chose to have larger teams in portal dense areas to maximise uniques for everyone. And to top it up, we organized a famous Hamburg Harbour Cruise in the evening, specifically adjusted to visit as many portals as possible on the water.

Then Valentine’s Day came and it was a huge success! With ~190 participating players from Germany and Europe it was the biggest Ingress event in Germany not organized by Niantic!

We started with registration and party on Friday. On Saturday morning all agents met at the “Michel” church (some somewhat tired), where a special Green Valentine Mission waited, and the fun began. A dozen teams roamed through the city and the smurfs were so kind to prepare new unique captures while we had lunch. In the evening, when the epic harbour cruise began, there were ~1900 green P8 in a normally blue city. During dinner the smurfs greeted us with a nice blue field over Hamburg. We’ve sent out agents to take it down. Then after food and beer teams who still didn’t have enough continued playing in the night.

Masterminds: JBTEX, Maxxion, mysport, Unifex

Special thanks to: PrXenon, Vorbote for lots of work with goodies and shirts, cahn for the candles, our sponsors Anker and Maritime Circle Line, everyone who prepared routes and helped as guides, Matti91Tilde for the event mission, our boat captain ah52 and of course all who joined to play!

Orga: ah52, EveHunt, JBTEX, LipovitanD, Maxxion, mysport, PrXenon, Queeny1989, robX42, Starlightshadow, Supeede, Unifex, Vorbote

Celebrating Green Valentine:
@Technokrat @morth @Sturmwurm @Prxenon @f1ngerw3g @GreenSpaceOffiz @Kathy2 @Funkfeuer @Premiumlurch @AgentScrat @GreenHamster @veneficia @nieuwendam @Krovax @Matti91Tilde @Panjim @Nrg256 @JBTEX @Lyska @NCC1701R @Maxxion @Dikkedeur @DrKaosDK @mysport @Gargish @BlutUndEisen @knoldesparker @Exparrot @Baand @falkinator74 @julesbonnot @Tr1dent @KalterHund @ingm4r @Fischtreu @LimDul79 @SMillerNL @sonderangebot @NeonTweety @Omally @klobi @garogum @GammaFL @AgentAJ @Aradiv @Kozaky @bug1on1 @susann @Unifex @Jehoschua @uo39827 @faust008 @faust007 @superglue @Majahra @triasto @Tysar @Shoku @HandofShadow @steilkueste @fightgirl @kamikazewurm @L3v14than @Frepster @Qfish @thepir8 @mir4dor @EveHunt @Raquyas @Mikawipa @trique @plattenschubser @SeaSpotter @DarkG @demian @zmurfette @nevsuaks @Tremor1982 @nixus @RBE22 @hebsen @UnEngel @opimik @keibertz @insane210 @freakysands @t0b1 @atain @cabiol @Starlightshadow @bridgerdier @ex4rch @sanfan @morpheus80 @Adornit @GeomUnion @DasYak @thekillerweasel @wupu @terrablind @Steyersen @erde @sandfrog @LaLeLu @SaschaG @diemelissa @Queeny1989 @Barney42 @FradoHH @ah52 @Kujambel @speedy10 @Syleightyone @Ninchen1988 @Jabe @R4ubm4krele @Enibas76 @pinguin16 @Sinnohd @rz231 @sybah @TheMelman12 @Supeede @Flosisseus @BlueSkyla @verbali @BobbyTables @grauman @LipovitanD @virido @G0lden64 @backi @Shuttercrow @papasam @mitsix @venetusdelere @Maschi @Asproasteri @Washiokami @Marzl @jarrusatula @TryNErr0r @Hoschie @mischoxx @cahn @PredatorBerni @piratpinguin @Striker4Eureka @molech @BeastlyBacon @Stormwitch @Vorbote @Musceteer @nCoder @grevingolf @Boleteusedulis @mgarde @Fraya @jellix @danaeryss @PsyCoMan @miato @frank42 @anywhere

#Ingress   #GreenValentine   #greenvalentinesday   #enlightened   #hamburg  

+Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +John Hanke +Brandon Badger 
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Merry X-Mas !
X-Faction goes X-Mas Munich 20.12.2014
or Operation "Christmas Angel over Munich"

(english version below)

Es war Oktober. Der Herbst hielt Einzug und Weihnachten schien gar nicht mehr so fern. Im Jahr 2014 hatten die Communities der Enlightened und der Resistance bereits ein offizielles Cross-Faction Meetup mit Anne im Februar und die Helios Anomalie in München erfolgreich gemeinsam organisiert. Da aller guten Dinge drei sind, sollte eine Cross-Faction Weihnachtsfeier mit einer gemeinsamen Field-Art den Jahresabschluss bilden.
Im Laufe der nächsten Wochen nahm diese Phantasie Gestalt an und schließlich war es soweit: Die Linkpläne waren erstellt, die Keys gefarmt, cross-faction Teams gebildet und eine Location für die Feier reserviert. Lasst uns einen Weihnachtsengel bauen!

17:15 Treffen am Sammelpunkt zum letzten Key-Tausch.
17:30 Die Teams begeben sich in ihre Gebiete und erwarten die Instruktionen der OPs. Nun müssen noch die letzten Keys ans Ende der Stadt transportiert werden, was dank Autoteam kein Problem ist. Dabei gleich per drive-by eine störende Sonne weggeflippt ("Soll ich anhalten?" - "Nein, fahr weiter. 3, 2, 1 und weg."). 
18:00 Die ersten Teams fangen mit dem Clearing in der Stadt um den Ostbahnhof an, während die letzten Schlüssel ihren Empfänger erreichen. Das Großreinemachen beginnt: Es wird nach Anweisung der OPs geburstered, gecaptured und deployed. 
Man eilt durch die Stadt, kämpft mit vollverschildeten Portalen und unbekannten Gebieten. Es ist kalt und windig. So macht das einem Ingress Spieler erst richtig Laune! 
19:15 Die Link-Korridore scheinen bereinigt, und es kann an den Aufbau des Engels gehen. Ein spontaner Blocklink taucht auf und auf einmal sind zwei wichtige Linkanker nicht anlinkbar! Netzprobleme werden zur Zerreißprobe für die Nerven, trotzdem werden die letzten Resos in die Portale gepresst, letzte Blocklinks entfernt und es geht los: Zack, ein Link, und Zack, noch einer, ein Feld, olé, und noch mehr Links und Felder. Es scheint zu laufen und die Spannung steigt.  Ah, da ist der Heiligenschein! Schön. Die Flügel stehen und der Rock endlich auch. Der Kopf hat noch ein Loch, aber die Agenten sind schon auf dem Weg, den letzten Link zu setzen.

20:05 Der Engel steht! Es ist vollbracht. Herrlich! Jubel, Erleichterung und Stolz unter allen Beteiligten. 
20:15 Auf zur gemeinsamen Weihnachtsfeier!

Wir wünschen euch Frohe Weihnachten und einen Guten Rutsch, auf ein tolles Ingress-Jahr 2015

In October some RES and ENL agents were coming up with first thoughts and ideas about a cross-faction meet up in Munich. Earlier in 2014 agents already succeeded in organizing the official Cross-Faction Meet Up with Anne in February and the Helios Primary Event in September. Since all good things come in threes, a cross-faction Christmas party including a field-art would be a wonderful year-end roundup.
After several weeks of planning everything was ready: Link plans were created, keys farmed and cross-faction field teams formed. Finally, all set. It’s getting time to build the Christmas Angel!

5:15 p.m. Gathering at the meeting point for a last minute key exchange.
5:30 p.m. Field teams move to their dedicated areas and wait for further instructions. Damn, some missing keys need to be delivered to the agents on the other side of the field-art. One of the car teams is on its way and starts a drive-by clearing of a sun with block links (”Shall I stop the car?” – “No need, keep going. 3, 2, 1 - gone”)
6:00 p.m. Other teams join the clearing downtown and  around Munich east station. Finally the last missing keys reach their destination. Operation "Christmas Angel over Munich" and the big cleanup may begin. Bursters, captures and deploys everywhere according to the field plan and CF-OP-team’s instructions. 
Agents rushing through the city, struggling with fully shielded L8 Portals and unknown areas. It’s freezing cold but everybody is having fun.
7:15 p.m. Most linking paths are cleared by now and everybody is impatiently waiting to build the angel. Suddenly “OP I cannot link! Target portal is missing resonators” – Silence – the other team responses “Struggling with poor reception – Yeah! Full deploy”: First link established, the next link as well: First field established! Cross-faction link and field joy everywhere around Munich. The first agents are already watching Intel-TV “Ah, see the halo. The wings are done and look, the dress. Great! Just fill in the hole in the head and the field art is finished.”  
8:05 p.m. The Christmas Angel is ready to spread its wings giving pleasure and peace to all participating agents.
8:15 p.m. All agents are heading towards the cross-faction Christmas party to celebrate.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New (Ingress-) Year 2015

Participating agents in the Field Art:


Und einige mehr bei der Party danach.
And some more at the after-party.

#Ingress   #XFaction   #FieldArt  +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti 
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nice field art 
#Ingress field report
+Ingress  +NIA Ops  +Anne Beuttenmüller  #xfaction   #halloween  

Last thursday some Resistance and Enlightened Agents of Jena, Germany meet together to introduce our own Halloween. We made a plan to build a halloween image together.
Resistance and Enlightend started together with 2 x-faction teams. After 2,5 hours our image was done.

partycipant agents:


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