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Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy. See the photos, articles and tributes here:
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Beam mich hoch Scotti!
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awesome event, congratulation to the new record

After successful gathering of the Enlightened strike force in Amsterdam ( #AmsterDAMN ) and Rome ( #CaputMundi ), Paris seemed to be a good candidate city for the next European Enlightened big challenge and reunion.

We have been used to challenging ourselves at each new operation. But this time, we wanted to reach a new level of crazyness. We decided to beat the record of P8 concurrently standing in a single city by building at least 4000 P8 portals within one night. (Previous record being 1878 P8 in Barcelona within 31 hours)

The date was set on Saturday, November 8th (hoping that no official Niantic anomalies would overlap with our event), and first invitations were sent early this summer.

More than 230 Enlightened agents from 12 countries took part in this adventure : The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Belgium and France.

The challenge started in the afternoon, when local players planned to turn Paris parks into green P8s before their closing times. In the meantime, some other local agents spent the day in the Tuileries garden to greet visiting players and offer them a “welcome pack” full of goodies and useful information.

The most difficult part of the organisation was to prevent our foreign visitors not to show any visible ingress activity before the night of the event so that we could remain as discreet as possible. But obviously that was not a complete success as everyone was also rushing for their own next achievement/medals.

Eventually, everybody gathered at 10:00 PM at the meeting point to find his team and get a last briefing. At 11:00 PM, everyone was in his area and the green P8 festival began from 19 different places accross Paris.

During 8 hours, 19 teams built up Enlightened level 8 portals within their assigned area and beyond, exceeding the initial goal after only 6 hours, under supervision of the chief operator’s delighted eyes.

At 7:00 AM, more than 4800 (or 5200, depending on the counting tools) Enlightened P8 were concurrently standing in Paris city, thereby smashing numbers from previous operations and establishing a new world Ingress record !
This huge number of level 8 portals was achieved within 8 hours, which sets an average speed of more than 600 P8/hour : fastest speed achieved being a new P8 every 4 seconds !

We would like to thank every country and every single agent who took part in this operation. Nothing would have been possible without you. This week-end was amazing and will remain a historical moment for Paris Enlightenment ! 
“We are the world. we are crazy. we are Enlightened !”

#ingress   #ingressreport   #ingressparis   #enlparis   #GreenParis8   #gp8  
+Ingress +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +John Hanke 
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the beginning of the shard game for munich, great spirit from both sides and crapy rule changes, intel bugs etc by niantic.
Seriously please fix the shard game and your rules/communication, there are people out there that want to have fun while playing ingress (that is what we all downloaded via play store) and not #calvinball !!
However we had a lot of fun on both sides with the shard, but we are very happy that it is now far away from munich ;-) 
Agent macrojames reporting for the Enlightened
"Link established", Stealing #6 from the Roßstein.

Some days ago it came to my attention, that #Helios artifact #6 will be spawning on top of mountain Roßstein during the night at 02:00 UTC+2. I was the closest active agent and served for the German mountain troops some years ago so I decided to take the hike. But during the week almost every other agent with experience in mountaineering had to work or wasn't available. Only my girlfriend @microjane and I were on vacation. So we decided for a risky plan. As a pair we could raise every L6 portal to L7 and make the artifact jump. Under some preconditons we could steal the artifact. But therefore, Resistance must not take the jumps from 03:00 UTC+2 until 07:00 because I didn't dare to climb the last meters of the summit in the dark.
During the night my home town Holzkirchen was cleared for blockers two times but i decided to leave them alone throwing not new links out and get some hours of sleep before the hike. 
02:30 UTC+2: I wake up, walk to the computer and: NO artifacts spawned. WTF? I was sent the tweet from Niantic and could not believe it. I was not sure if the artifact would spawn at 06:00 UTC or UTC+2. Additional clearing by Resistance started and at 03:00 local time +Patrick Woryna  flipped the spawn portal. Damn! They were crazy enough to climb that mountain in the dark. Damn#2! They would be able to link to another mountain. Damn#3! I would still take 4.5 hours to reach the summit. 24 minutes later: Damn#4! They linked two L7 portals.
I was unsure how to proceed but thanks to the tweet there was little hope we could reach the portal before spawn time.
Short of sleep we reached the bottom of the mountain at 05:00. Still no spawn. 
It was raining, it was dark, it was steep. We climbed the mountain like we were in trance. With sunrise we had the first look at the summit with 3 little people walking and jumping around. Have they seen us? We didn't care. Some minutes later I found a clear trace of the night. (who of you three stepped into that cowpat ;) )
We had a choice of taking the "Altweiberweg", longer but less steep, or the short rope climb. We chose the climb so we were out of sight from the summit. At about 07:00 I had enough reception to start my scanner and was shocked. We were only 50 meters away from the portal! And my XM wasn't at max! Damn#5... swoooosh I left a trace for about 20 minutes and hoped they didn't see it.
At 07:20 about 20 meters below the summit we found a place, covered by the cliff, to sit down in cover and communicate with our operators. 
Good to know, someone will take down that link at Schneeberg right before 08:00. Blockers were ready. And we have to wait. long and cold 90 minutes in the wind and the fog. With permanent laughter coming from the summit and voices talking gibberish.
The portal was L7 with enough range to link at the target. My plan was to flip the portal if it wasn't immune and to link out in the last minute. At 08:20 it was clear I will not be able to link to that target. Reconsidering what keys we had with us, and which targets would be L7, we chose to send #6 into out home town. At 08:40 I heard some voices a last time. I didn't know yet they were leaving the summit.
08:59 UTC+2 full of adrenaline. Flipping at 08:59:24 because of bad reception. Worked! Link out to Holzkirchen! Worked!! Prepare for defense.... nothing happens. Artifact jumped away at 09:00 UTC+2. Right home to Holzkirchen where @Sturmwurm and @Adipin were waiting.
We climbed the last meters to the summit to shake hands with the agents, but nobody was there. They left right before the jump?! I did not know their reasons and with a shake of my head we started to descend via the "Altweibersteig", happy but excited. 
What will happen to the artifact now? We didn't care for now. We wanted to get down, get dry, take some sleep.
Back at home I drove to the baby again. Seeing if it has survived the teleportation ;) Damn you artifact. You were driving me crazy!

P.S. Why? +Niantic Project . Why do you always have to change the rules in the last minutes? Frustration for the Resistance is your achieved success this time.

+Ingress Enlightened Munich +Ingress +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti 
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Boris Pirstinger

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Good posting about the good old LTP discussion... I hope i don't need popcorn ;-)
About LTP hunting and why I believe it ruins the game.

Although Niantic is no longer providing the capture date in Intel map data, there is no change in ltp hunting remarkable ever since.

Still the "Captured" messages are available via ALL comm, so it still can easily by tracked by bots reading ALL comm or the raw .json data. Such bots for sure are in place and used by both factions. No question.

You can try to workaround this by using ADA/Jarvis to avoid the Capture message (first destroy all resonators but one by XMP/US, then flip it to avoid virus dectection), but then still the previous owner can add the date to some database or kill it himself after 89/149 days.

Sure you can argue that there are other badges to achieve, but thing is after reaching L13, for Level 14 - after getting the recharger badge - guardian badge would be the most logical step to do, since it only takes 3 months. Unless you're a pro gamer, for other badges it takes you a year or even longer to reach L14. For L16 it's even worse. Without guardian badge it can take you several years.

In my area (Nuremberg/Germany) it's no longer possible to receive 90/150 days guardian in the periphery of 200km. It gets killed short before badge achieval.There might be areas where one or both factions do not practice ltp hunting and there might be areas where both factions have an agreement though. This makes this badge even more unfair.

My proposal would be to either
a) give away the platinum/onyx guardian badge to everybody together with achieving the gold one (or use 21/22 days for platinum/onyx version) or
b) replace something impossible und unfair for many (90/150 days) with something doable (with the same effort) for everyone, e.g.

platinum: 5 portals a 20 days
onyx: 8 portals a 20 days

I'm pretty sure this would kill ltp hunting effectively.

Questions, which often are asked when discussing this topic.

Q: Why not just remove the Guardian Badge?
A: I don't believe that this would be an option since this would either require rule changes for the level system or degrade players already achieved higher levels (L13/L16). The latter wouldn't be welcome I'm sure.

Q: Other faction is doing ltp hunting, so I'm practicing this as well.
A: Go back to kindergarten. ;-) Seriously, thinking that way things will never change.

Q: I don't care about this Guardian badge. I don't need it.
A: So why are you reading his post up to that point? ;-) Seriously, either you are not yet L13 or you aren't interested in achieving higher levels in a timely manner.

Q: But I like ltp hunting.
A: Sorry, I can't help you. Likely you either already achieved this badge. Possibly at a time before ltp hunting was popular, then I would call   this unfair. Or you aren't interested in it and achieving higher level either and want to prevent others from achieving these as well. Which doesn't make things much better. ;-)

+Matilde Tusberti +Anne Beuttenmüller +NIA Ops
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If you like popcorn, you need to join the discussion on 'Ingress' community. ;-) 
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Just in case you missed some of the new characters/contacts.
Ingress Social Media Basics
(Shared publicly, widest dissemination requested)
(UPDATED 20 July 2014)

Since the campaign launched to recruit more players to the world of Ingress, I've seen plenty of things. I've seen lots of neat artwork trying to sway a potential new player to choose one side or the other. I've seen lots of game-related training material that teaches the tips and tricks of the scanner: this is how you optimally deploy a resonator. This is how you fire a burster to get more damage, and so on. 

What I haven't seen are any good posts or guides that address the other aspect of the game for new players that is just as important: the social aspect. This post will attempt to rectify this. 

Ingress is the first game of its kind. It integrates a mobile, augmented reality game with social media. In order to get the most out of the game, you have to be somewhat savvy with social media platforms. Ingress does have official accounts on Twitter and Facebook, but the vast majority of Ingress-related news and information comes from right here on Google Plus. G+ is the best place to find out about Ingress meetups and events in your local community, connect with other local players, as well as finding out about rules changes and game-wide events, called “anomalies.” Be sure to join the official Ingress G+ community here:

Below are listed some of the recommended people and pages to follow on G+ to get the most out of your Ingress experience.
+Ingress  – The official page for Ingress itself. The page tends to post news and reshare posts from other Ingress-related pages.
+NIA Ops  – The page for game operations. Things like portal appeals and player reports are handled by this entity.

+Joe Philley  – Joe is a Niantic employee that handles a lot of public relations for Ingress in the U.S. His posts are prolific, and are usually about one of two things: Ingress or food. This man is literally paid to travel the country, meet Ingress players, and eat bacon. I envy him so much. Note that Joe is a Resistance agent. His counterpart for the Enlightened is…

+Brian Rose  – Brian does not post quite as much on G+. While Brian does travel, he also handles a lot of the back-end administration, such as designing rulesets for anomalies.

+Anne Beuttenmüller  and +Matilde Tusberti  – Anne (Resistance) and Matti (Enlightened) are like the above mentioned Joe and Brian, except they primarily handle Europe.

+Brandon Badger  – Brandon is the product manager for Niantic.

+John Hanke  – John is the CEO of Google’s Niantic Labs division.

+November Lima  - The official page for the NL1331 XM Van, a.k.a. the really sweet Mercedes van that cruises all over for Ingress player meet-ups.

Other Niantic staff include:
+Archit Bhargava 
+Mike Quigley 
+Jen Hsieh 
+Olga Garcia 
+Ethan Lepouttre - Social media manager for the November Lima entity.
 +flint dille 
+Jamie Dinkelacker 
+Lenette Posada Howard 
+Pooja Srinivas 
+Chris Dong 
+Lynn Heidmann 
+Carlie Chiu 
+Masashi Kawashima 
+Bill Kilday 

+Niantic Project  - The official page of the Niantic Project, which is where the investigation behind XM all started.

+Hulong Transglobal,  +Visur Technology  and +IQTech Research  - These three are “corporations” that specialize in XM related products and manufacturing. These company entities also release documents and transcripts related to anomaly events. 

+Oliver Lynton-Wolfe  (Yuri Lowenthal, voice actor - Ben 10)– Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe is the researcher behind the “scanner” technology. Funny thing, there is another individual that has been mentioned briefly in some Ingress Reports named Dr. Joanna Brandt. She played by Tara Platt, who is an accomplished voice actress in her own right and is also Yuri’s wife.

+Carrie Campbell  (Erin Fitzgerald, voice actress - Skull Girls, League of Legends) - Dr. Carrie Campbell was a researcher for the Niantic Project that had “visions” during “Epiphany Night.” 

+Roland Jarvis  (JB Blanc, actor/voice actor - Breaking Bad, TITANFALL) - Roland Jarvis is a figurative leader of the Enlightened. He was assassinated and then brought back to life by the events of Operation 13 MAGNUS. 

+Devra Bogdanovich  (Karen Strassman, actress/voice actress - League of Legends and lots more) - Dr. Devra Bogdanovich is heading up efforts to “inoculate” humanity from the effects of XM. Recently, she deployed a “portal virus” that causes portals to decay faster. Yeah, thanks Devra. 

+Klue S.  (Katy Townsend, model/actress) - Klue was an investigator before she got “possessed” by ADA. 

+Hank Johnson  (Christopher Corey Smith, voice actor - World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, Skyrim) - Hank is a “simulacrum,” an entity that dies every 1331 days and is reborn, and also a figurative Enlightened leader. Recently, an effort took place to preserve Hank’s memories so he will have them when he comes back to life in his next cycle. 

+H. Richard Loeb - Also known as "P.A. Chapeau" or "PAC," he is another well-known investigator. Last known whereabouts were a scheduled rendezvous with Klue in Nashville during Recursion.

+Susanna Moyer  (Ione Butler, actress) - Susanna Moyer is the face behind the Ingress Report.

+Sarita Hays (Medalion Rahimi, actress - NCIS, 528) - Another reporter that sometimes covers for Susanna Moyer. 

-+A. D. A.- (EDIT: Informed this was not a Niantic-associated account) - "A Detection Algorithm," or the AI that is trying to destroy humanity. Also, the voice of your scanner. Please note that the voice actress for the scanner is Laura Bailey (League of Legends, Bloodrayne) and not the actress who plays Klue.

+Stein Lightman  - Researcher that studies shaper glyphs. 

+Martin Schubert  - Former Niantic Project researcher.

+Tycho C. - The artist behind the Ingress comic books.

+Misty Hannah (Misty Lee, magician/entertainer) - A “mentalist” that has been involved with the Niantic Project. 

+Verum Inveniri - This page occasionally posts pictures of locations where there are “dead drops” - a stash of something to be recovered by an agent. 

More investigators of various ilk include: 
+Edgar Allan Wright 
+Yuri Alaric Nagassa  
+Thomas Greanias 
+Felicia Hajra-Lee 
+Hubert Farlowe 

If you enjoy the storyline of the game and want to help others around the world investigate the truth behind XM and the Niantic Project, then joining the Operation Essex community may be for you. 
Account: +Operation Essex 

 There may be more that I have missed, but the above listed people and pages should cover the majority of the Ingress world, in addition to any friends you make along the way. While it is completely possible to play strictly from your scanner, social media adds a whole new and enriching dimension to Ingress. Have fun and happy hacking! 

#Ingress   #IngressRecruits  
The world around you is not what it seems.
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Boris Pirstinger

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Stop the virus... 30% decay is more than enough.
Countering Devra’s Virus

Agents; in August 2013, Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe proclaimed that a day would come where we would need each other.  A time when working together was our only salvation. That time is upon us.

It is probable that if we do not act, portal decay will continue to accelerate to the point where holding a portal becomes impossible. While we agree that increased decay is positive for some areas, no one wants to see decay levels raised to a point where it becomes that destructive. The Ingress Report indicates that decay rates will remain at a higher level but may not continue to extreme levels if we can offset Devra’s virus with the global MU count averaging 700MMU towards the start of the anomalies on July 26th. 

We understand that there are wide philosophical differences between our factions, but there are also things that unite us.

We know that there is no challenge that our agents cannot match. Acting together, no force on earth can stop us.

Our calculations indicate that portions of the world with the largest concentrations of mind units are the most likely to be able to help us in this effort. Every bit helps. Every city helps. Every 1 MU field helps

While operations of this scale are unlikely to succeed with rules which are set in stone, we propose the following guidelines: 

Connected cells, and cells involved in anomaly sites are not included. If you believe your cross-faction field may affect one of these cells, contact the anomaly organizer from your faction before proceeding. 
• Roughly equal MU should be created in participating areas.
• Where possible, factions should meet at the anchors.
• Exercise caution in the 12-48 hours before the anomalies.
• "Participation in any of these operations is optional.", but is an excellent opportunity for agents to increase their total or largest MU acquired stats. 

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Have him in circles
1,108 people
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Boris Pirstinger

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We had a great green weekend in Hamburg, thanks to everyone for making this happen.
OP Green Valentine Hamburg

“We should do a fun event and meet everyone in Hamburg” and thus the idea was born: Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day with playing Ingress, let’s have a GREEN VALENTINE.

As fun was the primary goal, we chose to have larger teams in portal dense areas to maximise uniques for everyone. And to top it up, we organized a famous Hamburg Harbour Cruise in the evening, specifically adjusted to visit as many portals as possible on the water.

Then Valentine’s Day came and it was a huge success! With ~190 participating players from Germany and Europe it was the biggest Ingress event in Germany not organized by Niantic!

We started with registration and party on Friday. On Saturday morning all agents met at the “Michel” church (some somewhat tired), where a special Green Valentine Mission waited, and the fun began. A dozen teams roamed through the city and the smurfs were so kind to prepare new unique captures while we had lunch. In the evening, when the epic harbour cruise began, there were ~1900 green P8 in a normally blue city. During dinner the smurfs greeted us with a nice blue field over Hamburg. We’ve sent out agents to take it down. Then after food and beer teams who still didn’t have enough continued playing in the night.

Masterminds: JBTEX, Maxxion, mysport, Unifex

Special thanks to: PrXenon, Vorbote for lots of work with goodies and shirts, cahn for the candles, our sponsors Anker and Maritime Circle Line, everyone who prepared routes and helped as guides, Matti91Tilde for the event mission, our boat captain ah52 and of course all who joined to play!

Orga: ah52, EveHunt, JBTEX, LipovitanD, Maxxion, mysport, PrXenon, Queeny1989, robX42, Starlightshadow, Supeede, Unifex, Vorbote

Celebrating Green Valentine:
@Technokrat @morth @Sturmwurm @Prxenon @f1ngerw3g @GreenSpaceOffiz @Kathy2 @Funkfeuer @Premiumlurch @AgentScrat @GreenHamster @veneficia @nieuwendam @Krovax @Matti91Tilde @Panjim @Nrg256 @JBTEX @Lyska @NCC1701R @Maxxion @Dikkedeur @DrKaosDK @mysport @Gargish @BlutUndEisen @knoldesparker @Exparrot @Baand @falkinator74 @julesbonnot @Tr1dent @KalterHund @ingm4r @Fischtreu @LimDul79 @SMillerNL @sonderangebot @NeonTweety @Omally @klobi @garogum @GammaFL @AgentAJ @Aradiv @Kozaky @bug1on1 @susann @Unifex @Jehoschua @uo39827 @faust008 @faust007 @superglue @Majahra @triasto @Tysar @Shoku @HandofShadow @steilkueste @fightgirl @kamikazewurm @L3v14than @Frepster @Qfish @thepir8 @mir4dor @EveHunt @Raquyas @Mikawipa @trique @plattenschubser @SeaSpotter @DarkG @demian @zmurfette @nevsuaks @Tremor1982 @nixus @RBE22 @hebsen @UnEngel @opimik @keibertz @insane210 @freakysands @t0b1 @atain @cabiol @Starlightshadow @bridgerdier @ex4rch @sanfan @morpheus80 @Adornit @GeomUnion @DasYak @thekillerweasel @wupu @terrablind @Steyersen @erde @sandfrog @LaLeLu @SaschaG @diemelissa @Queeny1989 @Barney42 @FradoHH @ah52 @Kujambel @speedy10 @Syleightyone @Ninchen1988 @Jabe @R4ubm4krele @Enibas76 @pinguin16 @Sinnohd @rz231 @sybah @TheMelman12 @Supeede @Flosisseus @BlueSkyla @verbali @BobbyTables @grauman @LipovitanD @virido @G0lden64 @backi @Shuttercrow @papasam @mitsix @venetusdelere @Maschi @Asproasteri @Washiokami @Marzl @jarrusatula @TryNErr0r @Hoschie @mischoxx @cahn @PredatorBerni @piratpinguin @Striker4Eureka @molech @BeastlyBacon @Stormwitch @Vorbote @Musceteer @nCoder @grevingolf @Boleteusedulis @mgarde @Fraya @jellix @danaeryss @PsyCoMan @miato @frank42 @anywhere

#Ingress   #GreenValentine   #greenvalentinesday   #enlightened   #hamburg  

+Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +John Hanke +Brandon Badger 
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Merry X-Mas !
X-Faction goes X-Mas Munich 20.12.2014
or Operation "Christmas Angel over Munich"

(english version below)

Es war Oktober. Der Herbst hielt Einzug und Weihnachten schien gar nicht mehr so fern. Im Jahr 2014 hatten die Communities der Enlightened und der Resistance bereits ein offizielles Cross-Faction Meetup mit Anne im Februar und die Helios Anomalie in München erfolgreich gemeinsam organisiert. Da aller guten Dinge drei sind, sollte eine Cross-Faction Weihnachtsfeier mit einer gemeinsamen Field-Art den Jahresabschluss bilden.
Im Laufe der nächsten Wochen nahm diese Phantasie Gestalt an und schließlich war es soweit: Die Linkpläne waren erstellt, die Keys gefarmt, cross-faction Teams gebildet und eine Location für die Feier reserviert. Lasst uns einen Weihnachtsengel bauen!

17:15 Treffen am Sammelpunkt zum letzten Key-Tausch.
17:30 Die Teams begeben sich in ihre Gebiete und erwarten die Instruktionen der OPs. Nun müssen noch die letzten Keys ans Ende der Stadt transportiert werden, was dank Autoteam kein Problem ist. Dabei gleich per drive-by eine störende Sonne weggeflippt ("Soll ich anhalten?" - "Nein, fahr weiter. 3, 2, 1 und weg."). 
18:00 Die ersten Teams fangen mit dem Clearing in der Stadt um den Ostbahnhof an, während die letzten Schlüssel ihren Empfänger erreichen. Das Großreinemachen beginnt: Es wird nach Anweisung der OPs geburstered, gecaptured und deployed. 
Man eilt durch die Stadt, kämpft mit vollverschildeten Portalen und unbekannten Gebieten. Es ist kalt und windig. So macht das einem Ingress Spieler erst richtig Laune! 
19:15 Die Link-Korridore scheinen bereinigt, und es kann an den Aufbau des Engels gehen. Ein spontaner Blocklink taucht auf und auf einmal sind zwei wichtige Linkanker nicht anlinkbar! Netzprobleme werden zur Zerreißprobe für die Nerven, trotzdem werden die letzten Resos in die Portale gepresst, letzte Blocklinks entfernt und es geht los: Zack, ein Link, und Zack, noch einer, ein Feld, olé, und noch mehr Links und Felder. Es scheint zu laufen und die Spannung steigt.  Ah, da ist der Heiligenschein! Schön. Die Flügel stehen und der Rock endlich auch. Der Kopf hat noch ein Loch, aber die Agenten sind schon auf dem Weg, den letzten Link zu setzen.

20:05 Der Engel steht! Es ist vollbracht. Herrlich! Jubel, Erleichterung und Stolz unter allen Beteiligten. 
20:15 Auf zur gemeinsamen Weihnachtsfeier!

Wir wünschen euch Frohe Weihnachten und einen Guten Rutsch, auf ein tolles Ingress-Jahr 2015

In October some RES and ENL agents were coming up with first thoughts and ideas about a cross-faction meet up in Munich. Earlier in 2014 agents already succeeded in organizing the official Cross-Faction Meet Up with Anne in February and the Helios Primary Event in September. Since all good things come in threes, a cross-faction Christmas party including a field-art would be a wonderful year-end roundup.
After several weeks of planning everything was ready: Link plans were created, keys farmed and cross-faction field teams formed. Finally, all set. It’s getting time to build the Christmas Angel!

5:15 p.m. Gathering at the meeting point for a last minute key exchange.
5:30 p.m. Field teams move to their dedicated areas and wait for further instructions. Damn, some missing keys need to be delivered to the agents on the other side of the field-art. One of the car teams is on its way and starts a drive-by clearing of a sun with block links (”Shall I stop the car?” – “No need, keep going. 3, 2, 1 - gone”)
6:00 p.m. Other teams join the clearing downtown and  around Munich east station. Finally the last missing keys reach their destination. Operation "Christmas Angel over Munich" and the big cleanup may begin. Bursters, captures and deploys everywhere according to the field plan and CF-OP-team’s instructions. 
Agents rushing through the city, struggling with fully shielded L8 Portals and unknown areas. It’s freezing cold but everybody is having fun.
7:15 p.m. Most linking paths are cleared by now and everybody is impatiently waiting to build the angel. Suddenly “OP I cannot link! Target portal is missing resonators” – Silence – the other team responses “Struggling with poor reception – Yeah! Full deploy”: First link established, the next link as well: First field established! Cross-faction link and field joy everywhere around Munich. The first agents are already watching Intel-TV “Ah, see the halo. The wings are done and look, the dress. Great! Just fill in the hole in the head and the field art is finished.”  
8:05 p.m. The Christmas Angel is ready to spread its wings giving pleasure and peace to all participating agents.
8:15 p.m. All agents are heading towards the cross-faction Christmas party to celebrate.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New (Ingress-) Year 2015

Participating agents in the Field Art:


Und einige mehr bei der Party danach.
And some more at the after-party.

#Ingress   #XFaction   #FieldArt  +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti 
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nice field art 
#Ingress field report
+Ingress  +NIA Ops  +Anne Beuttenmüller  #xfaction   #halloween  

Last thursday some Resistance and Enlightened Agents of Jena, Germany meet together to introduce our own Halloween. We made a plan to build a halloween image together.
Resistance and Enlightend started together with 2 x-faction teams. After 2,5 hours our image was done.

partycipant agents:


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Drop some bursters, get some beer afterwards, join the munich anomaly at 27.09.2014.
Helios XM Anomaly Final
Munich, September 27

(deutsche Version unten)
Fellow Enlightened agents! 
We are happy to invite you to the capital city of Bavaria, Munich, where the final event of the Helios anomaly will take place. The event is scheduled to take place on September 27th during the second ‘Oktoberfest’ weekend. 
Please register yourself on the following website in order to give us a better overview of the attendees coming to this primary site, so that we can prepare a successful weekend for you.

As most of you might be aware of the fact that Munich is crowded and prices for accommodations are high during Oktoberfest, we have created an overview with possible alternatives. In any case, nobody needs to worry about the accommodation. If you don’t find anything suitable, we will do our best to find a private accommodation for you. You will find more details in the registration form.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Helios XM Anomaly in Munich!

If you have any questions, worries or facts we need to know, please contact us via the contact form on the registration website.

Please share with every interested Enlightened agent you know..

Your Helios Munich Orga Team

Registration form:

---- ----
Liebe Enlightened Agenten! 

Wir laden euch herzlich in die bayerische Landeshauptstadt München ein, wo das Finale der Helios Anomalie stattfinden wird. Das Event wird am 27. September während des zweiten Oktoberfest Wochenendes stattfinden.
Bitte meldet euch über unser Anmeldeformular an, damit wir einen besseren Überblick über die Teilnehmer haben und euch ein erfolgreiches Wochenende bereiten können.

Da vielen von euch vermutlich bewusst ist, dass die Preise für Unterkünfte in München in der Zeit des Oktoberfestes sehr hoch sind, haben wir eine Übersicht mit möglichen Alternativen erstellt. Aber selbst wenn dort nichts passendes mehr zu finden ist, muss niemand auf der Straße schlafen. Wir finden zur Not auch für jeden eine private Unterkunft, mehr dazu im Anmeldeformular.

Wir freuen uns darauf, dich bei der Helios XM Anomalie in München zu sehen!

Wenn du Fragen, Nöte oder Anmerkungen hast, kannst du dich gerne über das Kontaktformular auf der Anmeldeseite an uns wenden.

Bitte teilt das mit allen Enlighetened Agenten die ihr kennt.

Das Helios Munich Orga Team


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well this would habe been fun. Have fun all
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My enlightened recruitment poster
I was so nervous to show you it
Hope you like it :)
Embrace the light!!!

#ingressrecruits   #ingress   #enlightened  
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We had a lot of fun and a lot of uniques, x8 and IL ;-) We met a lot of nice players from europe. Thxs to the Enlightened of Rome for this great Event, hope to see you all soon again.
#CaputMundi Official Report
MMDCCLXVII years ago on a small hill beside the Tiber River, a king arose and a legend began:  the Legend of Rome
Time passed and the Kingdom evolved into Republic, spreading its Light to the known world, blending with the Lights of other lands and finally evolving into the Empire. On 12th July, 100 BC a great man was born and his name was Gaius Julius Caesar. The man that will be the General, the Stateman and the father of the 1st Roman Emperor.

2000 years later, we was there for celebrating that Man, honoring Rome and Roman Empire, our ancestors and our sons, commemorating ROMA CAPUT MUNDI ( )

Enlightened Brothers and Sisters met in Rome to touch the history, watch its astonishing eternal beauties and visit thousands portals. More than 150 Enlightened agents came to Rome from all over the world for being part of one of the biggest Ingress events ever organized: a 24 hours no-stop marathon covering thousands of portals spread over an area of more than 250 square km, and allowing the agents to visit the most wonderful beauties of Rome, its historical locations and also the city suburbs realities.
A tour-de-force started at 9am July 12, ended at 9am July 13, led by 50 local agents.

The event has been organized by +Enlightened Of Rome  with participants from:
Italy, France, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Spain, Serbia, Cezch Republic, and United Kingdom.

Caput Mundi was conceived in order to allow our guests to deploy and hack the highest number of unique portals. The day was split in 4 parts, as 4 distinct events, each of them allowing every agent to operate on the same amount of portals (around 150 - 200) : 

Event 1: Iter Imperium (Imperial March) 
Event 2: Legio Subterranea (Metro Tour) 
Event 3: Legio Invicta Bus Invaders (Bus Tour) 
Event 4 part1: Iter Imperium Novum (New Imperial March)
Event 4 part2: Bigarum Certamen (Biga Race)

Every participant could attend Caput Mundi according to three difficulty levels:

2) CENTURION : 10h
3) GLADIATOR (morituri te salutant): 15+h

We enjoy to share with you some Caput Mundi numbers and stats, just to give you the flavour of the event dimension:

Unique Portals Visited: more than 70k 
AP gained: more than 90 Millions AP
Hours in game: more than 1500 hours (62 days of no-stop playing)
Km walked: more than 5000 km (an eighth of world circumference) 
Total number of Hacks: more than 100k (more than 1 hack per second)
Calories burned: 1.5 Millions (more than 30k apples or more than 5k pizzas)
Coordination: 11 agents, 3 months, 150 hours, 100k hangout messages (feels like 2M)
Legionnaires: 30 agents
Centurions: 50 agents
Gladiators: 70 agents

+Enlightened Of Rome  thanks all coordinators and participants for the amazing day, for the shared efforts, the laughs, the icecreams, the burning feet and the priceless company & fun.

A special thanks to Resistance Agents that made the day even more funny, allowing our guests to further increase the number of unique portals captured, and for having covered the city with a field that lasted just the time of our dinner - even warriors need to rest now and then.

It was a perfect day with lots of positive feedbacks & lot of fun. Good job. 

Please tag yourselves in the comments and tell us about your day in Rome
+Ingress +Brian Rose +Matilde Tusberti +Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +Niantic Project 

#CaputMundi    #Ingress   #ingressreport   #rome  
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Sehr coole Aktion an der du da teilgenommen hast bis die Tage ;-)
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