If you've been following along at home and my switch to my Apps for Domains account, be aware that it looks like Pages right now only works with gmail.com accounts.

Specifically, if you go to http://plus.google.com/pages/create, it will "redirect" to your gmail.com account. Groan....
Introducing Google+ Pages!


I am thrilled to welcome brands, bands, businesses, etc. back in to Google+!

As most of you know, we "kicked out the brands" in the early going on Google+... Not because we don't love them (we do!) but because we wanted to create the right experience for users, as well as the brands themselves.

Today we've launched that experience. This is a very big day for us... thank you to the brands and businesses that have waited patiently as we perfected this... and huge congrats to the multiple teams that made this happen...

As with any Google+ launch, we know we have a lot to learn... This is the start, not the finish line.... we depend on your feedback. Let us know what you think!
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