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We sent a press release to Techvibes about the launch of my new project, Full Stack.

Soft launch with a landing page at

Very stoked to be working on this for 2013, and to have Input Logic / Quote Robot on the team.

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Would it be amusing to point to our Branch group as the first post here?

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Did you know +dave cormier created the Internet? No, wait, just MOOCs. Content creation is a complicated word. I talk a lot about "Capturing artifacts" - and to me, you can't capture / share an artifact without it having a permalink.

So OF COURSE learning - MOOC-based or otherwise - needs to be about content creation. Today, it's just mostly done as "notes" in paper notebooks.

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The concept of continuous delivery across all the things is an important one.

This example is from +Tim Bray talking about Google Play, but in general, "platform" type changes that aren't held back by onerous client updates are very important. It means build/test/learn/build cycles are shorter and innovation can be faster.

The "no version numbers" of Firefox and Chrome should be an obvious example.

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Friends +Scott Hadfield and +Samantha Marx officially launch their Etsy-like marketplace for buyers and sellers in South Africa. Congrats, guys - now the hard work begins!

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It is unfortunate that the CFF is stuck between great content (like +Ben Yoskovitz ) and being a pay-to-pitch investment forum were few companies get funded. I'd love to see them go all the way and have GREAT content that people are happy to pay and travel for (like GrowConf) AND not charge presenting companies. (It's $1100 for presenting companies, in case you were wondering).

Ben, I'm actually a little disappointed that you're speaking at a pay to pitch event.

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I love all of +Rachael Ashe 's work -- her new Paper Cut work is large scale, intricate, and a fantastic thing to put on the wall of your home or office. Every piece of art purchased also means that I am allowed to eat more bacon. So ... buy art! :P

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 +Dave McClure   thinks Fred Wilson & others are being too hasty in moving towards enterprise sales. I think enterprise is overstating it - there are many great B2B spaces -- both vertical and horizontal -- where you can build great businesses.

Consumer businesses other than ecommerce or games? These are few and far between, and the recent closing down of Glitch (a game trying to push the boundaries) doesn't seem to bode well.

It's not hasty, but non-ad supported business models that are consumer focused are really really hard.

(via +Bud Caddell )

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"Within weeks, maybe days, the government of Mariano Rajoy is expected to pass a law granting permanent Spanish residency to anyone who buys that snappy white three-bedroom townhouse on Playa Flamenca, or one like it. It’s a dramatic move, matching those already taken by countries like Ireland, Greece and Latvia where a real estate crash has helped gut the local economy."

Hmm...anyone feel like moving to Spain?
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