I simply don't have enough of winter mountains, so here I go again with my series of the panoramic views showing the High Tatras, located in the heart of Europe – Slovakia. As you no doubt remember from my previous travel tip here at my Google+ profile; the locality of the Lomnicke Saddle is situated right under the Lomnicky and Kezmarsky peaks.

Today, I thought to myself that I will share with you also the view which can be seen from the top of one of these peaks; from the Lomnicky peak, showing distant outlook of surrounding countryside and endless cloudscape.

Same as the last time, this photo is from the set, which I have taken during an ice-freezing cold day; standing right at the top of the Lomnicky peak. This peak has an impressive altitude of 2634 meters / 8641 feet above the sea-level, making it actually the second highest peak in the High Tatra mountains.

This picture is a hand-held panorama stitched from 2 vertical photos, showing outlook of Slovak and Polish High Tatras. It is because the High Tatras are a mountain range along the border of northern Slovakia, and southern Poland, whereas the borderline can be imagined somewhere in the center of this picture, thus Poland can be seen on the left side of this panorama whereas Slovakia is on the right side.

The Lomnicky peak, which is situated on the Slovak side of High Tatras is a very attractive destination for visitors from all around the world. Especially during the winter time! It is popular even for the recreational tourists due to its easy accessibility by several cable railways leading from its top as far as to the Lomnicke saddle and further down to the Tatranska Lomnica town, and vice versa.

The High Tatra mountins are actually the highest mountain range in the whole Carpathian Mountains, so tourists have a lot of natural attractions and landscapes to explore. These mountains are visited by hundreds of thousands visitors each year, during all seasons. They belong to the Tatras national park, TANAP.

If you happen to be in Slovakia during the wintertime don’t miss marvelous sightseeings from the Lomnicky peak and other hills located in the High Tatras mountain chain, Slovakia.

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