Are you looking forward to the winter season? Be it either way, here is above the clouds view of snow covered hills in Slovak High Tatras in an altitude of 2634 meters / 8641 feet above the sea-level.

The mountains of High Tatras are the most popular natural attraction in the heart of Europe – Slovakia. These mountains are actually the highest mountain range in the whole Carpathian Mountains, so tourists and hikers have a lot of natural attractions, as well as landscapes to explore. Because of that, High Tatras are visited by hundreds of thousands visitors each year, during all seasons. The High Tatra mountins belong to the Tatras national park, TANAP.

While it is still autumn now, keep in mind that if you happen to be in Slovakia during the wintertime you definitely shouldn't forget to visit this location. Don’t miss sightseeings from hills located in the High Tatras mountain chain, Slovakia!

Camera: Olympus E-500
Lens: Zuiko Digital 14-45mm/3.5-5.6
Filter: Sigma Wide Circular Polarizing Filter 58mm

© Copyright: JARESO (Boris Jaroscak)

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