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Anyway, during the winter season the sight of the Orava Castle is just as majestic as what it is during the warmer weather. The only difference is that the landscape turns into a winter wonderland. People from all over the world still love to come and visit the Orava castle during the cold months just to see what is the castle like during that time of the year.

As you can see during the winter, the land surrounding the Orava castle is more barren and full of the white blanket of snow on the hill. The trees are naked and leafless.

The mentions and the findings of the Orava castle date it all the way back to the year 1267. During this time, the castle only took up a small area of the land, which was made up of only a couple of buildings. All parts of the castle were made of wood; as were most of the castles during this time period. As time went on, there were more floors added to the castle and it extended upwards; using mainly the small area that it was originally built on. So basically all of the rest of the add-ons were vertical. It allowed the castle to be seen from even further away. The upper level of the castle extended at least 112 meters / 367 ft off the limestone rock cliff. The ground floor was built of stone, while the upper floors were made of wood. The middle of the castle was a four story castle during the mid 1300's. Later there more rooms and fortifications were added on for the purpose of the protection and comfort of those who were residing there.

The Orava castle is one of the most popular castles in Slovakia. It is visited by thousands of travelers from all around the world, during all seasons. This castle is also a popular location for filming fairy tale or horror movies. It is located in Orava region, northern Slovakia.

Camera: Olympus E-500
Lens: Zuiko Digital 40-150mm/3.5-4.5
Special edits: Hand-held panorama stitched from 2 photos.

© Copyright: JARESO (Boris Jaroscak)

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