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Boris Farber
Partnerships Program Manager at Google
Partnerships Program Manager at Google

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Updated "10 ways to improve" presentation with a new cool content

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10 ways to improve your Android app
10 ways to improve your Android app from Boris Farber

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A lot of familiar faces ;-)

+Wiebe Elsinga +Ali Derbane +Mike Wolfson +Sebastiano Poggi +Cesar Valiente +Alfredo Morresi +Francesco Brocero +Francesco Ronchi and all the friends that came and helped making Droidcon Italy, thanks again! Has been awesome!

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Speaking at DroidCon Italy
Code maintenance is one of the biggest costs in developing software. Usually code  around business logic tends to be messy boilerplate and error prone to maintain. Java runtime for Android provide powerful set of  APIs to treat code as data such as 1. Annot...

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Using Dynamic Proxies to simulate Duck typing in Java
We have the following class of problems.We want to monitor methods from 3-rd party classes (say external jar) without ability to change the 3-rd party code, classical duck typing problem. Take one, lets solve with reflection, excellent however we lose all t...

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Meta programming in Java
Looking back to my previous year, the most difficult technical challenges I taken were around the following: 1. Proguard - obfuscator for Android and Java code 2. Dependency Injection - is the passing of a dependency (a service object) to a dependent object...

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Proguard with Support Library config
Note as of time of writing the android app is build with support library ! Have a good reference When in doubt do as IO official app does. Here is the link to proguard configuration that uses the support library

Following presentation training that I attended, I see a huge difference between technical presentations that empathize the change between good and bad (such as API practices), versus telling a story (and better telling the audience's story). Going to change my presentation now.

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Good post about Recycler Views
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