Why couldn't DM be formed of primeval massive neutrinos released early and cooled down "close to freezing point" by the end of hyperinflation ? Hum, this brings to a narrative that would enthuse me coming from a hard SF author :

The inflationary phase of the Big Bang stopped cold by the Pauli exclusion of massive neutrinos. A transition point at which the Universe was completely filled with a neutrino version of degenerate matter... a single huge mono-crystal of neutrinos - bouncing the Universe off breakneck inflation, and I guess then breaking up, but at the comparative snail's pace of Hubble expansion.
Where's the dark matter? A new study finds none near the Solar System! This would be embarrassing for the popular theory, backed by good evidence from colliding galaxy clusters, that it consists of weakly interacting massive particles concentrated in roughly spherical clouds around galaxies, as shown in the artist's picture below.

But there's room for error in this new study, and I'll boldly guess it's wrong.

If you don't believe in dark matter, you should read about the Bullet Cluster:

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