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Hi, when I copy photos from Auto Backup to some new album, will it require additional GDrive space or not? In other words, are photos in albums just links to the original files in Auto Backup or does G+ do a full copy of them?

Hi, I'm trying to make sense of G+ photos features to manage my family collection and I've got a couple of questions. (Note: I've uploaded my photos using Auto Backup for desktop. I also read everything from G+ Help about photos but still, many things are not clear to me.)
1) Are the uploaded photos in some albums already or not? They certainly lost information about the folders in which they used to live on my desktop (for instance, I had a folder named "Summer vacation 2013" and there is no such thing in G+ now) but it seems that G+ automatically created "albums" per each day or something like that (e.g., "7th June 2013"). I think it's a proper album because I can for example tag people there which is not possible in Auto Backup photos but I'm not sure. I'd like to understand what those auto-generated albums technically are and if they are equal to manually created albums or different.
2) It seems that I will have to manually re-create all the albums in G+ that I had on my PC organized in folders. What's the quickest way to do that? Can e.g. Picasa help in some way? The goal is not to re-upload everything, I just need to organize all the photos that G+ upload "flattened" to a single folder to separate albums again.
3) When I copy a photo from AutoBackup / auto-generated day-album to a properly named album of my own, will it eat storage space from my GDrive account? Or is this "for free"?
4) Can I somehow use the Picasa face-detection feature for my G+ photos? As far as I understand, G+ tagging is very different from Picasa face detection (it is basically a sharing feature, that person needs to have a G+ account etc.)

I'm trying to understand what is the best way to upload my photo collection to Google services. There seem to be two main options - Google Drive or Google+ (they share the storage space but are quite distinct services as far as I can see).

Drive folders can be viewed as G+ Albums which is good but I fear two things about this approach: first, I would have to change the location of my photo library on my computer to somewhere under the GDrive location (I'd much prefer to keep the current D:\Photos location) and second, according to the documentation, features like people tagging etc. are not available for Drive photos until they are shared on G+.

The other option is to install the Google+ Auto Backup for desktop and point it to my current D:\Photos folder (at least I expect it to work this way). I expect that it will upload my pictures to G+ silently, and when I add photos to my local folder later, it will continue uploading them. What I'm not sure about is what happens when I e.g. rename a folder or change the structure inside my D:\Photos folder - the worst thing that might happen is that G+ would be confused, show certain photos twice etc. But maybe the service is clever and will deal with it.

Third piece of the puzzle is Picasa Web Albums. I love how it automatically detects faces and allows quick search for people I care for. One big downside is that it builds its database locally, on a certain PC, and this information is not generally stored in the cloud (I think - at least it used to be this way). Maybe there have been some advancements since I last looked - is it somehow possible to do the indexing on one PC (it requires a lot of system resources) and then have the tagged faces etc. available on all my PCs and ideally also via the web?


I always used the auto-backup feature on my Android phone, first via the Google+ app, now also accessible via the Photos app (or is it Pictures? my phone is localized). It always worked fine, however, about three weeks ago it stopped uploading new photos. In the Photos app, I can see them but they are local only - I don't see them e.g. on G+ on the web. I tried to go to settings and tap the "Upload now" button but it immediately tells me that it is finished and no new pictures are uploaded. What to do with it?

Someone shared an album with me. Is there a way to:

1) Create a copy of this album and add it to my albums?

2) Add the original album to my albums? That is, the owner is still that original author, I can see all the comments and tags on the original album but that album is visible when I visit the "My albums" section?

Does G+ support 1, 2 or both? I haven't found a button for that.

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Amazon by potřeboval redesign jako sůl, jaktože na homepage není evidentní odkaz pro přihlášení?

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Zvenku tohoto okna se odehrálo nepěkné ptačí drama :)

Mají G+ obrázky, které se mi tam dostanou z mobilu, nějakou URL, abych je nemusel nejdřív sharovat a mít je tak ve feedu?

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