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#ProjectFi  in effect.  Interesting so far, no strong feelings yet.

:(   #ProjectFi   response after 29 days wait.  Looks like I'll have to wait longer here is their email...

Thanks for requesting an invite to Project Fi. We’re really excited that you’re interested in trying our service! Over the past few weeks, we’ve been happy to bring the first customers onto Project Fi and the initial feedback has been very positive.
We're sending invites as quickly as we can, while ensuring a high-quality experience. Given the number of requests we’ve received, we currently estimate that it will take until mid-summer to get to everyone.
In the coming weeks we’ll have a way for you to check the status of your invite - stay tuned for more information.
Thanks again for your interest in Project Fi. We'll get you an invite as soon as we can!
--The Project Fi team

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My WiFi only #nexus5 just got update #5.1. Nothing yet on my #nexus6

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Don't forget... this is the time of year where #Steam   throws out some very nice deals on games !

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Not sure if there's still demand for #GoogleInbox   invites, but I have a handful.  need your gmail to invite you.     

Keep in mind: it takes a while ( 1 day maybe ) for you to get the invite, hopefully it's sooner now. I can't fully remember.

Quick Review:  
I run a tight gmail ship, and have many accounts forwarded to myself.  
There are 2 main things I don't like about #Inbox   .. 
#1 is the auto-bundling. I've accidentally marked DONE many emails at once I didn't intend to. ( edit this "feature" in settings to unbundle)
#2 is still no swipe to DELETE.  I don't want to ARCHIVE my emails, i want them deleted with a swipe, not a long press...

However, make your own call.
Booya !

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#Nexus6  cases picture review(Google Play cases).  
Let me make it real ez for you. DO NOT BUY the "Naked Tough" hard plastic case. It seriously blows, I HATE IT.  
I DO like the "leatherish" "stand folio" case. It's a pleasure and works great.  

Just one more thing, I HATE the naked tough stupid ass hard plastic case that I had to use my car-keys to PRY open the stupid cheap-arse kick stand.

Don't Buy the naked tough stupid cheap hard-plastic clear case.  
#BooyaGadget     #Booya  
Nexus6 Google Play Cases review. YIKES!
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Can you identify which is the #Nexus6   in this photo ?
I just got mine. I'm just not sure what to think yet.  
My Knee-Jerk reaction is, "Daaayum, this is a big-ass phone".  
Another thought: this may be embarrassing to hold up to my face in public.   
Remember, these are my knee-jerk reaction. less than 60 minutes ownership.  will post more later.  Currently transferring settings/accounts via #NFC   from my #Nexus5     #Android   #Lollipop  
Let me know of any immediate questions.

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#HueTap  Engineers, I give you a virtual high five for one of the BEST GADGET ACCESSORIES OF MY LIFE.   Bravo.... boooooya !
#HueTap hue tap. is the shit. Excellent gadget
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Big ass 98 Photo album of #Google   #NexusPlayer   and #Nexus #Gamepad   unboxed on my kitchen floor.  And pics during setup.
Let me know of questions, I'll try to answer what I can.
Google NEXUS PLAYER and Controller #Gamepad Booya!
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