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So, I'm back on Twitter
I have a pretty brief explanation for why. When I quit Twitter, I was planning to focus exclusively on writing a book, and decided that Twitter was a distraction from my research and writing. In recent days, however, I've decided to focus on writing article...

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Why I'm taking a break from Twitter
Twitter was stealing time away from my life. Being away from
Twitter adds hours to my day and years to my life. Thinking too much in terms of tweets was turning my brain
into mashed potatoes. Being away from Twitter gives me mental clarity and
focus. There ...

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Exit, Voice, and Loyalty in the 2016 Election
Donald Trump is a very unusual candidate for president, and as
of today, he has a 30 percent chance of winning the White House, according to
Predictwise. Why has he garnered so much support? A lot of ink has been spilled on this question, and I won’t

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Every choice involves tradeoffs, and it would be great if
people thought more in terms of tradeoffs and opportunity costs. It would help not
just for public policy debates and business decisions, but also for our own
lives. If you spend time or money on one...

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Two classical models of leadership: Achilles/Alexander and Aeneas/Augustus
Two of my biggest sources of comfort are music and books,
especially old books. And the other day it occurred to me that the ancient
Greeks and Romans depicted two important and different models of leadership in
their mythology and history. You can think of...

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General Education Is One Of Democracy's Best Defenses
Here's the conclusion of Harvard's report General Education in a Free Society , which was published in 1945 -- right after the end of World War II. In light of recent events, many of these points seem to be relevant. "General education is the sole means by

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Good Links
Here are two great blog posts that I thought would be worth linking to. I hope you enjoy reading them too. Seth Godin: "Choosing those that choose you" Key quote: "A huge swath of human unhappiness is generated by selecting someone to pick you, only to have...
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