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Wednesday Live Review [May 11, 2016]
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Bonnie LaVell

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I love the thought, 'Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.' Waiting for 'just right' is allowing fear to control us. So today, one choice at a time, don't let fear win you over. Stop waiting for 'just right.' Go. Do. Change and Become.
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Bonnie LaVell

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I KNOW that YOU can be successful, and it's time that you know it too! If you've decided that 2015 is going to be the year where you take control of your life, your weight, and your health and fitness, I'd LOVE you to join my 30 day Clean Eating and Fitness Challenge. #cleaneating #fitness #weightloss
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Bonnie LaVell

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It's all wrong! Your branding that is...
Come read today's post to see how to fix the branding mistakes your making with your blog.

It may shock you a bit!

*Have you made branding mistakes, {ahem! I really mean, will you SHARE your branding mistakes with us?} Because let's get real, we've ALL made them!

See you there:

#blogging   #branding #business
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Bonnie LaVell

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Are you struggling to define the purpose of your blog?

* What do you want?
* What will you do for it?
* What will it do for you?
* What will it give your readers?

Struggle no more! Check out today's post:
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+Alexandra Wiggins I don't generally do things like that, but I'm happy to consider it. Email me more info and I'll take a look at it.
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Bonnie LaVell

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I'm back!! Today we're talking NAMES! Naming your blog. Naming your business AND the 9 Paralyzing, Ridiculous Mistakes most people make...

What are blog and business name mistakes you've made or seen others make?
Choosing a business name is super overwhelming. It’s daunting, frustrating and just straight up ridiculous. There are people who spend months and months and even YEARS working on a business name. And you know what happens, nothing. Their business doesn’t happen. Their dreams don’t happen. Their success is halted – all because of a silly …
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Bonnie LaVell

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Nothing like the sunshine to kick the shadows to the curb! If today is a shadows kind of day, hang on to the sunshine - it is ALWAYS there.

If writer's block is stalling you today, here's a quick fix!

#blogging #business #productivity

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enough said excellent:)
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Bonnie LaVell

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Y'all! Do not miss this show with +Eric Thomas and +Lewis Howes! It's a must for kicking off the new year! It's worth every minute you give it.
The Hip Hop Preacher Eric Thomas sits down with Lewis Howes to lay out his path to entrepreneurial success, overcoming obstacles and the greatness mindset.
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Bonnie LaVell

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It's Friday! And the holidays are here and we're coming up on the New Year. Lots of choices to be made - never be afraid to make them.

Check out today's post:
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Bonnie LaVell

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Words to live by! Love this +Rebekah Radice, thanks for sharing.
“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.”
Do you think that asking for help makes you look needy, weak, or lazy? Exactly the opposite!

There's nothing wrong with going it alone, but never be afraid to reach out to those willing to offer a helping hand. 

Pin it for later:

#motivation   #inspiration   #happiness   #quoteoftheday  
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No doubt
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Bonnie LaVell

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Love this project! How fun and festive +Ashlee Prisbrey!
a full tutorial for making your own lit up canvas art work
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That's really actually a cool idea. Great job btw =)...
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Bonnie LaVell

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Today's Inspiration! Happy Friday :-)
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