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The lineup is here!
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Radiohead, Phish, Beach Boys!!! Unbelievable.
I'm going to Manchester! Woot!
I'm soooooo excited!!!! Is it June yet?
Incredible lineup! I must go.
How about the addition of Fun., Temper Trap and Santigold. Thank you Bonnaroo! What an amazing lineup. I'm coming from Tampa!!!!
Does anyone know if there any pages or groups dedicated to people going to Bonnaroo solo? :-)
Thanks! I'm coming from Ft. Lauderdale, driving up and flying back down but wanted to meet some cool people to hang out with there :)
Otherwise I'm sure there will be plenty of people there to meet :p
There's gonna be a local music festival in Manchester during the week before Bonnaroo. I love Bonnaroo and would recommend it to anyone. I've already got my tickets for this year and an RV pass as well. Oh yeah! If you're coming to Bonnaroo anyway, come a little earlier and spend some time enjoying the town and some pretty good bands at the Musictreefest. Looks like over 50 bands confirmed so far and a little over 30 more to be confirmed. Bands from all over the US and Canada are coming. It's not just a local event. Of course there will be lots of local Tennessee talent as well from Nashville, Memphis, and so on. There will be seven different venues in town for the seven day event starting May 31st. Oh, and did I mention it's free? Yes, free music! Doesn't get any cheaper than that. Check out for more details. This is being set up by local music enthusiasts so the website is a work in progress. The hope is to bring more art and music into the community as well as offer some good musicians a chance to perform before a broader audience. This is the inaugural year and if it does well, it's only gonna get better next year and the year after that. I'm pretty excited about it but (full disclosure) I do live in Manchester so I'm a little biased. If you have time, I think it's gonna be fun. Hope to see ya there. Live well and be happy.
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