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BondiRescue hung out with 8 people.Gwen Whyte, Andrew Reid, Lachlan Simpson, Steve Rogers, Dean Gladstone, beth scott, Rod Kerr and bruce hopkins
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id have 100000 questions to ask jesse
hav a question for reidy , now your single are you ready to mingle?? <3
Between the red and yellow flags haha
It Took Maxi 3 Years/Seasons to finish his apprenticeship as he was quite young when he decided to become a lifeguard and even left school to follow his dream to become a lifeguard, and finally after 3 years of training on Bondi beach his dream finally came true and was granted a temporary part time job as a lifeguard. All those years of training and hard work paid off for Maxi and now has the best job in the world. Well done Maxi!! :-)
in between the red and yellow flags
3 very very long years for maxi :)
Between the red and yellow flags
3 years
Unfortunately i wasn't chosen to hangout. Today was my only chance. That because i always have to work on monday. In Belgium it is 1 pm when the hangout start and I always have to work.
Unfortunately I have no luck again. The last time I always have badluck and I can use some luck again. Hopefully I get lucky and win that shirt. I know everyone want to win the shirt. But I secretly hope that I have a chance.
It took Maxy 3 years to do a 2 year traineeship :)
3 years! watched it on Bondi he missed out a few times first time against Dunstan sadly!!
3 years and not nearly enough pranks.
in between the red and yellow fllags, 3yrs for maxi and some great pranks. i would love the signed shirt for my niece as she calls all of you guys her bondi boys and she is only six. when you tell her bondi rescue is on she gets so excited and will sit there and watch a whole episode and always want more. and now i have brought the dvds so she can watch her bondi boys all the time.
Hey Mates (thats the only time i get to say that) :) #newyorkerproblems

IN BETWEEN THE FLAGS! and IT TOOK MAXI A WHOLE 3 YEARS! Maxi was just a 16 year old brace face when he started and had to fight jake for the spot but hoppo being the loving, caring, kind, courteous,sweet, man that he isssss gave both of them a spot!

Winning a signed shirt from the Bondi Lifeguards would be close to the equivalence of “rock’in with Bon Jovi!” +Rod Kerr Or the same as +bruce hopkins going through his entire life with a completely full head of hair :D. Or +Dean Gladstone not being upside down for once in a +Google Hangout! Or +Trent Maxwell keeping his finger a complete foot away from his nose for an entire hangout haha, just kidding maxi! Or even like +Andrew Reid and mugsy being separated for more than 48 hours even though I can imagine that would be really really hard since he is adorable!
We'll swap you! two for the price of one ↓Click!

Because we are twins and there is 2 of us we might have to play rock , papers, scissors, to decide who gets to put it in their room first but I promise we would do our absolute best not to tear it in half. We will be keeping our fingers crossed!! Thanks guys and lots of love from New York!!! <3

Thanks +Steve Crombie for putting up with our dumb questions and going along with them! (: P.S: if we don't win can you send us the front half of your motorcycle that you tore off (: just kidding!
My notifications have gone mad! so many people want the Bondi lifegaurd shirt! i mean who wouldn't! :D
It took Maxi three years to do a two year Traineeship. :)
Love ya Maxi! <3
My live feed isn't working..anybody else?
3 years i love bondi rescue and i love watching it i would love to win a shirt signed by the boys in blue i love bondi rescue and everyone on the show if i won a shirt i would treat it well and would not let anything happen to it. Keep doing what you guys do cause yous are good at it :)
looks like its happening to all of us :(
It took Maxi 3 years to complete a 2 year traineeship due to Dunstan beating him to get the full time postition. Then was set back alongside Jake to continue the traineeship through Winter. Later achieving the temporary part time position :)
It seems than microscopic aliens are tampering with the wires... Chhhrch.
the first hangout video quality was the best.
Niina C
Did I miss the other part of the question, what is this about flags?
where is the best place to swim
i dont think that question counted though
the rat mess up the hangout XD
inbetween the red and yellow flags and 3 years !
Winning the Bondi lifeguard shirt would be so amazing, I’m convinced that my sister is the biggest fan of the show (she’ taking surfing lessons just to impress the lifeguards when she goes down to Bondi, ridiculous I know) , and since it’s her birthday next week the top would mean so much to her! More than you could ever imagine. She would seriously never take it off!
So I really hope you do consider choosing me for the shirt, as it would possibly make my sisters life !!
He had to do 3 years because of his age when he started on the beach he was the youngest lifeguard to work at Bondi!! I love Maxi!!!
Th-th-tha-t-a-a-tha-tha-thaa-That's All Folks! (:
Two year trainee the first year he was 16 he fell in love aw bless him then he had to do another year it was between him and another guy and hoppo pick the other one and the 3 year xx
Boys keep doing what u are doing cause no one does abetter job on Bondi then you :)
It took 3 years for the amazing maxi to earn his spot to be a full time lifeguard!.
Defently is a personal best - that will be hard to beat ;)
It took him 3 very long, tiring but rewarding years :) I imagine that sentence was in his speech when he did finally finish it
3 years :) didn't he do well bless him. 
Although it took him 3 years I think it great that you guys believed in him and let him go on another year. Maxi is an awesome lifeguard and has been taught by the best xx 
Already answered the question but I just wanna say (don't know where else I could put it) that you guys, and lifeguards in general, don't get nearly enough praise as you should. Back home in San Diego I pulled a child out of a rip while out for a swim, and without any flotation device. It was easily one of the scariest moments of my life I wish to never repeat. And you guys do this on a daily basis! I moved to Bondi recently (:P) and surf there regularly. First thing I noticed was how much stronger those rips are than home and how dangerous it is being in the water surfing with hundreds of people. I commend everyone on a job well done keeping the beach safe, and if I ever see anyone out on the town, drinks are on me.
3 years. He competed with Jake and both of them kept one more winter. After the winter, he was picked by Hoppo.
It took maxi three years. Only because dunno was ready and maxi needed more training cause of his age. He was the youngest ever lifeguard. God I remember when he got the call at school lol 
It took him 3 seasons against others but I'm sure 4 was mentioned before? How many years e has worked for? Maxi your great! I have so much respect for you, leaving school to follow your dreams. Such an inspiration to everyone. And your work, wow you are so dedicated and you seem so devoted despite the jokes played on you. I saw when you was watching the surf club house, you looked so mature and truly amazing even when the guys came and trashed the place after! You are the guys are so down to earth and so such a brilliant job! I would love to win the shirt so much!!! It really would mean everything to me. Anyway, best of luck for the future. "A young Trent maxwell"
3 years and 1 winter series 5 episode 13... Please let me win this shirt because I really do love love Bondi rescue.. I am the new admin for the unofficial page We love bondi rescue and the boys in blue, beforehand winning the title of Bondi's biggest fan every time. I already do water safety for events like aquathlons and triathlons... my kayaking instructors are being lifeguards for the olympics, i am only 12. If i win this shirt I will do the London Marathon in it when i am 18. Thankyou for inspiring me to do my assistant lifeguard course. Even through the obstacles of feeling i should give up, I just watch an episode of Bondi rescue and think to myself if I give up now I wont be at Bondi beach in 10 years... I have always wanted a Bondi Shirt ever since I found out Lara had one. btw I am the one who sent you the elf video and the bondi cake.... loev you guys sosososo much
It took Maxi 3 'fun' filled years to become a fully fledged lifeguard :-))
out of maxi's 5 years of lifeguarding, he took 3 of them to fully complete his trainee- ship and to gain the trust of hoppo and all the other boys in blue! As Kerrbox would say, "when he started, he was just a 15 year old punk, but now he's one of the most passionate and experienced guys on the team".! He may have taken an extra year for his apprenticeship, but it certainly paid off ! :) x
And swim between the red an yellow flags 
IT TOOK HIM 3 YEARS! I think that 3 years experience was perfect for Maxi, to make him the best lifeguard he is right now! he actually started as trainee when he was 16, wich is really motivating for me and 1000 other teens to start chasing your dreams young, like he did! My dream is to work at bondi, like to have as job saving people's life, that's just amazing. got so much respect for you guys. I'm starting a lifeguard training very soon! (step 1 of following my dream), I got faith that I will succeed even with all the doubts I had in the past, thanks to you guys. maxi (you all actually♥) gives me so much hope/motivation to follow my dream like he did, and he made it a fact that hard work will be paid off! Just every episode of bondi rescue makes my day! you guys, seriously I would die for that shirt! I swear to god, If I'd win, I would jump from a window (4 meters) on to a trampoline make a salto and land in a pool (Don't worry I always swim between the flags in the pool ;) ) with that shirt on, I'm not even kidding! you'll see me one day hopefully with that shirt (touched by the real bondi lifeguards OMG) on at bondi (: i love you guys so so so much, tot ziens! (means 'see yaa' in dutch) love, from your biggest fan of the Netherlands and probably of the universum.
When the winner being announced because it has been 1pm in Sydney 
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