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voting is closed for the winner of the #bondirescue Lifeguard shirt: but we are still tallying up as there are so many entries! Promise to announce by 2pm. Here's a little something to keep you entertained
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Hahaha even though it's 4.34 am here that still put me in a good mood :D
Niina C
Cool, waiting to see if I get lucky. ;)
glad im not alone then ..thats how i dance when im pissed ;)
awesome to see that young and old are enjoying the flashmob haha
Yeah they do a serious job at all our beaches
lol, that reminds me of an advert that used to be on tv, but it was in a train station( i think).
Hi Everyone! Add us to your circles! This is the official page to Appreciate what these boys do! Tag me in some crazy things youve done for Bondi Rescue, and you could get into our fan album!
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