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Bondi Rescue G+ Hangout live at this link at 8:50pm AEST with +bruce hopkins and the gang. Watch, answer Hoppo's question and comment for your chance to win a signed lifeguard shirt! We'll be taking questions from Twitter, Facebook and G+
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did whippet sign my shirt? and what inspired u to be lifeguards
Please ask them this!, If you had to date another lifeguard there who would it be! and can you ask Reidy,or Whippet to give me a shout out please please pretty please?♥

When are you next coming to England!!!
Is Mugsy or Bronte there?
What an awesome way to finish the season. Had so many laughs over the season that I rate it as one of the top seasons. YOu boys do a fantastic job keep it up.
been dying to hear what is the wierdest thing the've ever eaten!
i really wanna no what made them chose to be lifegaurds? :)
Please ask them if they like the drawings i sent?xx or if they'd do a rescue/ go surfing in scotland?:P(water temp under 10 degrees:P:L)
Check out my drawing of Reidy. I would be so thankful if +Andrew Reid can answer this: When did you last say 'I love you' and to whom? (Muggsy I bet) Or a general one: Has someone ever saved your life? If so, when?
Don't the bondi lifeguards have an anniversary this year, is it 100years? Are you having a party and will it be live on google+?
How does the part time contract work? Do you just come in when you can or do you need to come in on certain days? When are you guys coming to scotland?
Hahahahhahahahahaha actually fell off the coach laughing at maxi get pooed on in the mouth ... and gonzo just laughed !!! HAHAAHHA :')
Love the last bit when maxi said " I got bird shit in my mouth" will miss you guys for another year!! 
That would explain why Maxi just tweeted about bird poo not tasting good. I was thinking "why has he been eating bird poo" haha. Is this on the latest episode? As I'm from the UK I have to wait and hope someone uploads it to youtube. Unfortunately, the channel I've been watching Season 7 on had to remove all of their season 7 vids. Fingers crossed they still put this one up :(
If they get to ask questions from th epublic want to know what is the funniest/craziest thing any lifeguard has done at the beach
Is there definately going to be a Season 8??
boys, what was it like adjusting to the fact that you are world known heroes and the fact that people know who you are? love you boys
OMG MAXI!!! you are the most amazing person alive, you are sooooper good looking and u have the cutest personality ever!!! i <3 u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone go the live event up yet mine keeps saying not working
+Sarah Newnham they had highlights of the season at the end. Gonzo and Maxi were in the buggy thing and a bunch of birds flew over the top as they were driving, and one of them pooed and it got Maxis mouth. :)
yeah mines not doping anything yet either
not yet contacted, it will begin shortly
so.. anyone else hoping they were serious when they said whippet would be naked !? :P
is anyone else not connected? :/
Not connected yet either!
mine just says it will be live in a few minutes!?
My little girl has just got a new teddy and wants to name it after one of the lifeguards. Would anyone of you like to put yourselves forward for the honour???
SO MANY MESSAGES lol x) cant wait for it to start. Hoppos online though :D
Is it more stressful to work in the tower or on the beach?
bondi rescue and MAXI complete my life <3
I know maybe they're waiting for everoyne to get online or something
+BondiRescue +Steve Crombie a shout out like you promised? pwease? And if they could have any pet/imaginery/fantasy what ever what would it be? And whats the most depressing/deverstating thing to happen at bondi?
One question what made you change from acting to life guarding whippet ? And chould you get whippet to shout my name out this would make me so so happy 
which lifeguards are sinlg e and ready to mingle??? lol (that are on the G+ hangout)
I've not had breakfast yet, and it's now lunchtime here :P I hope it starts soon as I'm getting hungry :P
did you guys end up meeting one direction?? :)
ill ask gonzo a question!!!!! whats your favourite burger from Mcdonalds???
come on gonz i thought i was shy :P
Ask Gonzo how he got his nickname !? :) and what happened to him with that whole thing where he got injured after a night out ? :L
Gonzo: Do you get sad when all the other lifeguards tease you about your nose?
How do you come up with each others nicknames?
id date you gonzo!! dont listen to whippet!!
Question for Gonzo. What drew you to lifeguarding and what do you enjoy most about it
Awww I love you boys, you make me laugh!! Can you ask this question for me please - do you feel that since the show's become more popular people deliberately get into trouble so they can be rescued by one of you? Gonzo can answer it saying as he's not said much :)
all of you!!! what colour hair do you perfer on a girl??
abbi ask amandas question
help i cant watch it it keeps coming up with error?!?!?!
what does it feel like to just be doing a job and having a tv show about you?
Hoppo.have ever consider multi languages sign?
did whippet sign my shirt?
did the lifeguards get my elf video at christmas?
Aww you guys are awful to gonzo! Ask him... where his favourite place was on the UK tour thingymabob
im sick of everyone picking on gonzo!!!! I LOVE YOU!!
How did you guys like Edinburgh?
Who is going to win the state of origin this year? GO QUEENSLAND!!!!
Well he shouldn't date maxi anyway coz he tastes like bird poo! lol
if you didn't pass the test for being lifeguard next summer,, what would you do?
where is jesse n kerrbox:( Did the boys enjoy the Edinburgh Tattoo last year? did you make any friends with the guys in the Army pipebands? ( i know most of them :D)
Loving have a question for all of you, have you guys ever won the intercouncil lifeguard challenge?
Whippet: When was the last time you watched the Mary-Kate and Ashley film? hahahaha
And gonzo if I lived in sydney would come and join u at the casino.
f you didn't pass the test for being lifeguard next sum
mer,, what would you do?
whippet why arnt you naked ? :P .. haha make the girls jealous ..
f you didn't pass the test for being lifeguard next summer,, what would you do?
f you didn't pass the test for being lifeguard next summer,, what would you do?
hoppo's qestion : the name of the famous rip at bondi is backpackers rip :)
the famous rip at bondi is backpackers rip :)
Backpackers express is the actual name of the rip it also has many other names such as the bronte express but backpackers express is what its actually called this Also that is the most dangerous rip on the beach i would really appreciate you guys considering me i have put a lot of effort in to this show and posting every week i want to be lifeguard more than anything in this world ive never stuck to 1 dream for as long as this before (2 years) Bondi rescue has helped me so much not only with my first aid knowledge but with getting over my fears of sharks and big waves you guys all really inspire me to achive this dream and helping me push past my fears as you should hope fully see in something im hoping to finish very soon im not sure what ill do with out bondi rescue in my life and i dont want to i really love you boys and this would mean so so so much to me im not sure what else to put. Your massive biggest fan in beijing katherine
YAS. edinburgh again! with whippet?
Backpackers express also know as Bondi Tram or Bronte express coz you could end up in nearby Bronte if you get caught in it.
Thanks for a great hangout guys xx Gunna miss you :(
that was a very funny final hangout :) . hopefully you will start it up again. love you gonz
Backpacker's rip!!!! I'd really like to win this shirt as I love the show. I'd hope it would bring some sun to Scotland with it. I've also got uni exams coming up so it would cheer me up a bit as I'm getting a bit stressed. :( This is my last chance, I've tried every week to be in the hangout/win a shirt without success which is a shame. Really enjoyed watching them though :) I don't want to bother you by repeating myself so please see my previous comments about why I would like to win the shirt. As I always say, you'd make my day if you picked me. Please? :(
Thank for asking my question from twitter! The answer is backpackers rip :)

So excited to hear the lifeguards are coming back to the UK. Had the most amazing time meeting them last time so hopefully they'll come back to Edinburgh (along with some other lifeguards too)! I'd love to win the signed top so so much! I bought a book when I met the lifeguards but all the pages keep falling out :( Maybe being reunited with a bondi top it will fix itself! hahah

Love to the LGs and yay for the hangouts, it's been so fun!
+Jessica Corbett yeah that's why I didn't repeat myself, I say the same thing every week and don't want to annoy anyone by saying it again. I just really love the boys and would really like the shirt, I don't know what else to say :(
i would really love to win a bondi shirt it would mean so much to me i love bondi and all the life guards i would frame and treat it like gold and never let nothing happen to it you guys do a excellent job keep up the good work cause yous are bloody good at it as well :)
Backpackers rip
I want that shirt so much. I can't explain in words how desperately i need the shirt. I have entered every time so far and i am so stoked that you guys read my entries. You boys are awesome and i am lost for words to describe how much this means to me :) the lifeguards are perfect and that shirt means the world to me, and there isn't anything else left to say but thankyou xoxox
+Jessica Corbett me too! I was so happy that my comment had been noticed and was actually inspiring. I'm in Scotland so it's nearly 1pm. I skipped breakfast and haven't eaten lunch yet, was too busy watching the hangout haha
I hope it is you this week +Sarah Newnham as you are determined each week and I see how how much you try and they should take that into account.
Aww thank you +Rachelle Beneke that's really nice of you to say, I really appreciate it :) I'm not convinced I have good enough reasons to deserve the shirt to be honest. There are so many other people with better reasons who deserve it more. I'm happy for a deserving person to get it. If someone decides that's me then I'll be the happiest person alive.
why is the bondi rescue 24h live thing not working in the netherlands???
Roll Up Roll Up! Welcome to the Bondi Beach circus! This circus is located in Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia! The circus is open everyday and its a free entry! What are some of the acts you ask? Well you can see many different things! Zinc man! Frisbee man! Amateur dancers! Strippers! Rope climbers! Surfers who cant surf! Everything is on display! Where is most of the action? Well lady's and gents, that would be on the southern end of the amazing circus! Whats the name you ask? Well easy! BACK PACKERS RIP! Why is it called this? Well lots of back packer hostels are near this end of the beach, meaning the slack half drunk, half delusional, half can't read signs, half cant be bothered tourists! And that's one reason how it gets its name! Another is it pulls all the tourists to the calm looking water, but really its the worst rip on the beach! And as easy as you can say "I LOVE BONDI RESCUE" they may have been taken already! So that's when the amazing team of life guards jump in to action, they grab their 10 kg boards and start sprinting to the water! Even 60 year old H! They have to be quick just in case something goes wrong. The silly tourists may be in many shapes, sizes, genders, forms, colours, languages, and so on! Some may not even be wearing clothes! When will it be most busy you ask? Well depending who is at that end, if the Black Cloud ( Mouse ) is on there is non stop action, where ever he goes! But as Matt Dee ( Who should be called sunshine!) is a lucky funny lifeguard, he only attracts women to him on dry land, most likely they see they light and they swim towards him! Not many people know another reason while Matt Dee is sooo amazing! Not only is he an amazingly funny lifeguard, but he lost both his brother and his sister to suicide, because they suffered from schizophrenia , i admire his fighting spirit so much! I think its awesome how he can come to the beach everyday with that big cheesy grin on his face and help save others lives! He even made a few of the lifeguards stop swearing to raise money for research into schizophrenia! But back to this amazing beach and rip! It is sooo very dangerous, and that's one we reason while we have the lifeguards, because it seems that no one can be bothered reading the signs! So with out them, a lot of people would be lost, "Tata's off visiting their ancestors" (H). You can even find "Two man sharing one brain" (Deano), amazing animals "Dont worry hes sleeping, sleeping with his head twisted around 360 degrees" ( Matt Dee) magical sleeping birds, sharks in kiddy pools, hopeless Tarzan's "Not once was i threatened with the creature with in" ( Harries ), and tourists with funny dress sense "Your balls are hanging out of your shorts mate" (Box and Brad) So at this amazing 1km beach you can get many bizzare things! You get get 5 rips at a time! Massive swells, and storms, blue bottles, sharks, sea snakes, and nude dancing tourists! But if you are heading down to Bondi Beach, PLEASE SWIM BETWEEN THE FLAGS, AND DON'T GO INTO BACK PACKERS RIP! Even if it doubles your chances of being rescued by one of these amazing guys!
Sorry for my novels guys, worth a read if you can be bothered, also i would love to win this shirt, i am a massive fan, and i think what these guys do should be noticed way more, maybe Australians of the year! Please consider me as a winner, i would be happy for any one, but i put my whole heart into what i wrote, THANK YOU +Steve Crombie +BondiRescue You are amazing!
th famous rip is called backpackers. i would love to win the signed shirt, bondi rescue is the best programe ever and all the lifeguards are inspirational to me
Backpackers Rip! Everyone's going to get this right and give an inspirational message, so all I'm going to say is i'm already saving to go to Sydney on holiday, and to visit Bondi. But, if I was given this shirt, then a little bit of Bondi would be with me until then! - and a little bit of each lifeguard if you all try it on haha :) PS, tell Bacon my first shift as a lifeguard went well and I appreciate his message of good luck! xxxxxx
I think for sure the answer is BACKPACKERS RIP! I think that's a really dangerous spot, so glad they have the bondi lifeguards to rescue these people getting in trouble there! we would've lost a lot of souls without you guys<3 my treu real amazing dream is to work at bondi beach, just saving people life's. just one word, WOW. especially Maxi is a real real inspiration to me cuz he like showed me that hard work will be paid of, and you really can chase your dreams at a young age! I think he inspire me and a lot of other teenagers to follow your dream! maddy just really deserved it with her wonferfull wall, i dont have much to show as that amazing wall, but I got so much to type right out of my heart.
I already started lifesaving classes (step 1 of following my dream) I was so nervous and almost didn't wanna go to my first class, but after just watching your hangout for the 10th time i was all happy and I just forgot about the fear I had for like meeting new people and stuff!You guys give me so much inspiration, motivation, and just a smile to my face. you guys taught me that you know life is really valiboule (no idea if its spelled good), and
I think that my life is way better after discovering this whole 'new world', litterally, I started to work out, and be happier, cuz you never now how it ends like these people who go to the beach everyday, thinking they're gonna have a nice day at te beach but like almost end up dead in the waves! :( most important: I discovered my dream, and started to focus more on my study, just to get as fast as posibble out of school and get the first plain to Australia! I would gibe up everything and face all my fears, how hard it is gonna be I don't know, but i would let nothing come in between my dream, people these days are really mean like just laughing in my face, if i tell them about my goal :/ just wanna see there faces if i have that shirt on! and haha my friends now know me as an bondi obsessed person, since I make them watch bondibrecue with me haha, I really<3Bondi rescue/ beach is not just a show to me, but a real dream, inspiration, motivation, life-style you know j just love you guys! even tough i got so much fear to like not make it, you guys inspire me to work hard and do anythig to achieve my dream. You guys give me so much faith, that's why the shirt would mean so much to me!So sorry I just made this comment way to long! just dobt know how to make this comment less longer to let you know why this is so important to me hehe. Every episode of bondi rescue makes me smile so much, I just wanna see the jealous faces of my trainingmates at the life savers training (; it's sounds so cliché but this would mean te world to me, I try so hard every week, and I would do anything to win. I will never ever stop believing in my dream. Keep up the amazing work, hope to see you guys soon at bondi, hopefully with that shirt on <3 good luck with picking a winner cuz there are so much people I met who also really deserve to win! love xxx carolie ( all the way from the netherlands)

wow omg I wrote the comment on my ipod didn't know it was that long, wow just would be so happy if you would even take time to read it, lol good luck everyone!<3
It's backpackers rip, it's called backpackers rip because it is a southern end of bondi beach and that is where most buss stops are, there for most pack packers swim there. I have entered all 3 times so I hope it's 3rd time lucky :D I love how to boys risk there lives to save other people's lives that theymdont even no, I think it's amazing. And when the winner is announced I will be on year 9 camp:/ and If I won I would proberly run around like crazy!! Hahah

'Backpackers express, also known as 'backpackers', 'backpackers rip', 'Bondi tram' or 'Bronte express'. Bronte express is one of the names because you could end up at Bronte if you get caught in it. There can be anywhere from two to five rips along the beach at one time. They change with nature and constantly move. These rips are the reason that the Bondi LGs and lifesavers are so busy rescuing on average 2500 people per year. About 85% of these rescues are tourists and non-locals (hence the name 'backpackers' (the word is also used because it is close to backpacker hostels))
Guess what? If you swim in between the red and yellow flags you would be safe :) winning this would be the best day EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you
Another Hangout that made me cry :') You all look so stunning when you mess your faces up .... haha jokes ;) in answer to the Shirt question Bondi's most famous rip is Backpackers rip because it can be so dangerous and has had some lost lives there (r.i.p to the lives lost there). Backpackers can also be known as 'backpackers express' 'Bondi Tram' or 'Bronte Express' because if it is too strong people could end up near Bronte if you guys didn't get to them. I don't really have a valid reason apart from you guys being such an inspiration to so may people including me, and are many people's roll models also i'm sure everyone else says it but you guys are actually my hero's and have helped me to start over-coming my fear of water after breaking my leg in 3 places in the water (yeah it hurt! >.< ) Also within the next 2 years shortly after i finish college (cause i'm 17 at the moment!) i will be moving from the UK to Sydney to attend University and the shirt will keep me going!!!! talk about motivation eh? ;) i get a lot of inspiration and motivation from you guys! .... Just saying :D well thats my words done hope the shirt goes to someone who deserves it :D
Hey everyone,
A few of us decided it would be a good idea to show our appreciations as fans for the +BondiRescue boys and +Steve Crombie for all of the hangouts! (secretly hopeing there will be more, we hear he takes bribes ;) only joking Steve haha) If you have anything from cakes you've made decorated Bondi style, are wearing your Bondi Tshirt, or even have drawn pictures to show your gratitude; Why not upload them to the page so the guys can see everything? We would like to get the ball rolling on this so fans can post their thoughts from all over the world, we wont have competitions, but thats not the be all and end all. We're here to show the guys how much we appreciate them for doing the hangouts and for being who they feel free to post :)
ADD US NOW TO YOUR CIRCLES: +BondiRescue AppreciationPage
Hi Everyone! Add us to your circles! This is the official page to Appreciate what these boys do! Tag me in some crazy things youve done for Bondi Rescue, and you could get into our fan album!
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