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Watch Hoppo and the boys live at Google HQ for our final hangout here 8:45pm AEST straight after #bondirescue on +Channel Ten with special guest Whippet! (who we stole from dinner with his dad). Answer Hoppo's question for your chance to win an authentic Bondi Rescue shirt signed by the boys!
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I think you guys should attempt some accents in the hangout :') I miss your 'ah know what yer sayin, but ah don't like it!'
Umm, you didn't eat them afterwards?
lol only +Andrew Reid no one els wanted to do it =D lol or did he onlt have two sweetsy lft over lol =P =P i think is going to be on awesome hangout =D =D
I can't wait for this hangout.. Its going to be a good one.. I think +Andrew Reid is in a playing up mood again :)
can't wait too..just 15 more minutes :)
though at first glance I thought this really looked like tampons xD
Me too! I'm so looking forward to it :) These hangouts were the only reason I got google+. I'm glad I did get it because I get to talk to all you awesome people about Bondi Rescue! haha
5 mins to got ladies get the tissues ready :)
willl it just come up on here and we will be able to watch it live? never done this before am completely new to google + ! haha
there was a link on bondi rescue twitter for where to watch it but they're saying it starts about ten to instead its probs to give everyone time to log on and such
+Kirsten Weir i know same here when she said that i was like OH NO you are not putting on of them up my nose you can forget right now lol
what is it like working with everyone manly +Andrew Reid coz he is just crazy =D =D
Love how Maxi and Hoppo are doing smiley poses and Reidy's just got sweets up his nose haha what a lad ;)
Can everyone on here please go to my profile and like/comment and spread the word on my appreciation post? I want the guys to know we really love what they did for us with the hangouts :) Won't take too long (unless you really wanna write loads then its up to you!) :) xxx
Hey everyone,
A few of us decided it would be a good idea to show our appreciations as fans for the +BondiRescue boys and +Steve Crombie for all of the hangouts! (secretly hopeing there will be more, we hear he takes bribes ;) only joking Steve haha) If you have anything from cakes you've made decorated Bondi style, are wearing your Bondi Tshirt, or even have drawn pictures to show your gratitude; Why not upload them to the page so the guys can see everything? We would like to get the ball rolling on this so fans can post their thoughts from all over the world, we wont have competitions, but thats not the be all and end all. We're here to show the guys how much we appreciate them for doing the hangouts and for being who they feel free to post :)
ADD US NOW TO YOUR CIRCLES: +BondiRescue AppreciationPage
Hi Everyone! Add us to your circles! This is the official page to Appreciate what these boys do! Tag me in some crazy things youve done for Bondi Rescue, and you could get into our fan album!
Miss these but imma just watch them all again :D
Omg Riedy, you have to be the funniest out the lot. Love you !!
I still reckon they look like coloured tampons xD
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