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My book - "Mother Narcissus" - is inspired by pyschoanalytical Narcissistic Mother modes:

The mind is a document container -- so carefully fill it with clippings that matter to you in the longer length of an aching lie.

Learning happens in the silences. Don't lecture against the clock. Let the thoughts flow in order to be fully calmed by a raucous mind.

The best melodies are simple and memorable. Don't add a trilling to a moment that needs to be surrounded by quietness in the pure tone.

We need to celebrate smart people and keep the wilfully stupid out of the discussion in the public square -- knowing always has value!

Do not search for inspiration in others -- you must first find it all within yourself in order to have any dramatic effect.

Anything worthwhile is always hard and impossible -- and that's why the simple and the remedial must be rejected every time.

The Social Media game is one that is never won. It is neverending and murderous! Make certain you are able to limit the power upon you.

Blatant cruelty always serves a dark purpose of repression and harmful conditioning. Actively avoid the aftereffects!

$68k a year in undergrad college tuition is obscene -- especially when the leadership of the university are paid into wealthy millionaires.
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