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Call of Kitty is now available for FREE on your Android device! Give it a try!!
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What is Call of Kitty???

Call of Kitty is an action/puzzle game that will fry your brains and keep you hooked! You may find it simple at first, but will you have the skill to go through all 126 levels?

The aim of each level is simple: you must free every imprisoned Kitty by deactivating the electricity field searing across the ground. To do so, you must take out all the batteries in every level (grey blocks). Easy, right? But here's the catch: Kitty can't touch the ground either, or he will end up roasted!

- A very simple and addictive gameplay!
- 126 levels in 3 different environments (22 levels for Premium users only!)
- A good learning curve and increased difficulty!
- A bunch of blocks that defy the laws of physics (inverted gravity, explosions, flight...)
- Heaps of Kitties (Science Kitty, Super Kitty, Army Kitties, Zombie Kitties...)
- Versus levels (Super Kitty battles Army Kitties!)
- Future updates with tons of new levels coming!
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Call of Kitty is coming soon! Check out the latest screenshots!
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