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The preceding should not be considered an invitation to make this a Yo Mamma thread.
Yo dentist...There i stayed within the guidlines
Jin Nam
It lives! Amazing.
so eloquent elsewhere, yet here boing boing seems challenged to utter much anything.
Oh, hi there. Remember what everyone else has said, "Google+ is a total ghostown."
yo indeed. Please go on...
yo! look forward to your next post... in another 5 months!! ;)
Welcome back! Now take your seat behind the desk over there and start posting, lazy bum!
Yo momma so authoritarian, she puts well defined boundaries on your jokes.
ho-ho and a bottle of rum.
Hey! Does your presence on G+ mean you'll become aware of how crappy your articles look when shared on here? If I share from Google Reader, no images make it through. If I share directly from the article, the picture is a Watchismo ad. The last time I tried, all the text that made it through was the page header, but it looks like at least that's better.
Clearly there's no reason to keep this page in my circles.
Seriously. There are over 10,000 people who have circled you. Start participating.
Aren't these kind of comments for Facebook?
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