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Is it on?
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(On until the break of dawn?) Wot.
Apparently. So now I have to read you on Reader and on Plus? Christ.
I'm trying to consolidate... if it all consolidates to + then so be it. It will remove the "share to +" step that I've been taking so far.
Hello, Boing Boing!
Does anyone hear crickets?
vaaaaaa.Un saludo desde España.Alegría que es domingo.ja,jas
Hello? Testing, one-two, one-two. Boing Boing, are you listening? Because you sure ain't posting!
When are you going to post?
I remember these brand pages being really important...
You never share anymore! What gives?!
Almost 10,000 willing plussers waiting for content. What happened, stuck on pinterest?
Obligatory "that's what SHE said"
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