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Hi Bogdan, could you please be so kind that you change AndroidSuomi to Androidsuomi. Since our site is spelled without the capitalized S. :)
And a few pointers which you have lost in translation: Sketchbook pro did have pressure detection, Photoshop Mobile that comes bundled with the device did not, and thats why we opted to do the demovideo with Sketchbook Pro. Mari's Surname is Laukkanen. The draving took 13 minutes to complete, and we gave 10minutes before draving for Mari to get aquainted with the device, which she mostly used to check out other features since she had never used a Samsung tablet before.
Oh one more thing: The final versio of photoshop will support the pressure detection, the prerelease version in the tablet didn't eventhough the switches to enable the support were visible (they just didn't do anything in this firmware version). 
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