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SECURITY ALERT: Serious Wi-Fi Flaw Puts You at Risk When Using Wi-Fi

Researchers discovered an extremely serious flaw in the WPA2 encryption used to protect your interactions over Wi-Fi networks. The problem, which allows what are called Krack Attacks ("Key Reinstallation Attacks"), affects a wide range of devices, routers, and the like. Put simply, the flaw allows hackers to copy a valid Wi-Fi network, act intercept communications to the real network, and then interact with websites, etc. using another user's credentials.

At present, the recommendation is that you not use Wi-Fi in a place where someone within the Wi-Fi range might be intercepting your communications unless you know that your device has been fixed. The bad news is that fixes are not available for most devices yet.

There is some good news, however:
* Everyone recognizes how serious the problem is, so they are working on getting fixes out promptly.
* The problem can be fixed by fixing either the Wi-Fi router or the device, which means that even if your device is not fixed, you would still be safe connecting to your router if you know that it has been fixed.
* A hacker has to have a device in Wi-Fi range of you to intercept your communications, so using Wi-Fi with unfixed devices in relatively isolated areas is safe. (A big plus for those of us who live in rural areas!)
* Exploiting the vulnerability is complex, so actual exploitation of the vulnerability is likely to be rare.
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