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Bogdan Fiedur

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Bogdan Fiedur

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There are many ways to promote your business and I wanted to share with you  something that +Shane Watson  found.
The 7 Steps to Creating a Winning Advertorial are done in a way that everything is understood
How do you feel about advertorials?
#advertorial   #marketingtips  
How to Write a Stunning Advertorial
Many of you have dreams of making money with your blogs. There is no harm in doing this and if done correctly can be a great way to bring in a nice income. There are a variety of ways to make a living from your blog. However, one of my favorite ways is through the use of advertorials...

click on the link below to read more

#advertorial #socialmedia #blog #blogging #advertisement
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Bogdan Fiedur

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H/t to +Diane Bjorling for creating this free PDF to help people not be hacked on their computers

#freepdf   #freepdfshare  
Download a free PDF on how to protect yourself from online hackers. You will read tips and see tools to help keep you safe online.
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Thank you +Chuck Bartok, on my way..
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Bogdan Fiedur

Affiliate Marketing  - 
Subject line – Why’s He Got a Turnip in his Pipe? Did that make you a bit curious? If you got that subject line in your email, would you open it?

#subjectlines #internetmarketing  
Subject line crafting is even more critical than good copy writing. Here are twelve good reasons, and there are more.
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Bogdan Fiedur

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Anger Is A Slow and Painful Death

Buddha (and many others) nailed it -- anger is a poison. And as much as we may believe that our anger is directed at someone else, it's actually a poison that's destroying us.

Unfortunately, in life, many things will happen that will cause us to get angry. Someone totals our car. We get fired from our job. Our child disobeys us and makes a bad decision. Anger is a normal human emotion. In fact, in some instances it's an indicator that we recognize right from wrong, like when we get mad at social injustice.

But one of the elements of anger that makes it destructive is when we hold onto it. This can easily happen by our feeling justified in our anger and wanting the other person to ‘pay.’ So we wear our anger like a badge in some messed-up belief that this will cause the other person to suffer. Think about this: when we hold onto anger, we're short-tempered and impatient with almost everyone, we can struggle with high blood pressure and headaches, and we can't focus on anything else but what's made us so upset. Who exactly is suffering?

When we feel angry, we need to acknowledge the feeling and examine where it's coming from. Then we need to deal with it and move on. When we hold on to anger, we're the one who's being poisoned. (Take it from someone who's, unfortunately, pretty good at it).

#angermanagement   #angerissues   #kurtstips  
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That's a good one.... I always think of the quote but it doesn't work out yet ;-)
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Bogdan Fiedur

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How can you argue with this?
The most powerful Anti-Depressant....has 4 legs!!!  
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True. Aaah! Cute.
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Bogdan Fiedur

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An interesting blog post via +Diane Bjorling  where she talks about marketing  with common sense?
She raises some very interesting points... what do you think?
I find that common sense marketing is a breath of fresh air, because without common sense, how could people do other forms of marketing?
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Bogdan Fiedur

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There are so many free tools on this one post to help any budding ebook author create a good ebook, that I think it would be a shame to not check it out.
#ebooks   #freetools  
There is a lot of great information about creating ebooks, but few talk about how to use free tools to create ebooks. Check out these free tools
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Bogdan Fiedur

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A sad day in the history of the internet as far as I am concerned.
Afternoon buzz: The Yahoo Directory Is To Close

Once the Google of its time, the Yahoo Directory is finally coming to the end of its slow death. 

Yahoo shared the news today, a short paragraph that’s part of announcing two other closures, under a headline of “Progress Report: Continued Product Focus.”

That sure fails to give the Yahoo Directory its proper due. 

From Yahoo’s post

Yahoo was started nearly 20 years ago as a directory of websites that helped users explore the Internet. While we are still committed to connecting users with the information they’re passionate about, our business has evolved and at the end of 2014 (December 31), we will retire the Yahoo Directory. Advertisers will be upgraded to a new service; more details to be communicated directly.

RIP, Yahoo Directory.

Full story by +Danny Sullivan at

#yahoodirectory   #marketingnews  
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Bogdan Fiedur

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Have you heard of the *The YOUPAC FORMULA*?
It stands for

Y-Who are YOU?

O- What are you OFFERING?

U- What makes your offering UNIQUE?

P-PROOF that you have handled such problems in the past.

A- Call to ACTION


a well worded post that you will be happy to have read.
H/t to +Jim Allen III  for sharing this on Adlandpro  and now is being shared here ;-)

#compellingemail     #marketingtips   #copywriting  
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thanks for your sharing
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Bogdan Fiedur

Email Marketing  - 
Regardless of whether you are running a small business or as an affiliate marketer creating an affiliate business, email is still a very viable and needed method for marketing your products and services.

#emailmarketingtips #freetools  
email marketing can be very complex especially if you are new to marketing. These email marketing resources and free tools will start you on the right foot
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Bogdan Fiedur

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I hope everyone has had a good Labor Day weekend.
+Diane Bjorling has created a post and yes maybe it is like having your cake and eat it too as it talks about promoting and affiliate program or business for free.
When thinking of promoting an affiliate program it can be difficult to come up with ideas and resources that will be free or low cost. Find out how it can be done
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Thanks, Muhammad Asghar Aziz Sanjarani Baloch, from karachi Pakistan,,
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Bogdan Fiedur - Entrepaneur and CEO of Adlandpro
 I am proud to say that I am a Polish-Canadian Entrepreneur and the CEO of Adlandpro that has been successfully running since 1998.
What is Adlandpro?

Adlandpro  is one of the earliest social networks to be created on the web that has evolved from the forum setting and has been around longer than some of the now  popular social networks, such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Adlandpro attracts members through an exclusive social community that offers advanced privacy protection to all users plus many other features.

As well as being a social community, Adlanpro boasts a classified advertising site that has been serving customers since 1998 and through local search, people can find products and services in their home area.

After joining Adlandpro members have the opportunity to post free advertisements within the social network and even become verified affiliates of Adlandpro in order to generate a passive income.

According to one satisfied community member and Adlandpro affiliate, “I first signed up as an Adland Affiliate back in August, 1998 and since that time your excellent proactive website has sent more targeted traffic to my site than any other, with the exception of perhaps the top 6 search engines on which I am listed.”

As a man, I am happily married with children and have many interests from cooking, kayaking gardening and enjoy talking about many topics.  

G+ offers a unique and genuine opportunity for me to speak to like minded people and I look forward to getting to know all of you.                

Bragging rights
kayaker, gardener, cook as well as being a social innovator by creating one of the first and active social communities created in 1998
  • University of Manitoba
    Computer Science
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