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A few #makeuptricks   to help your eyes look younger.
* Make sure to put concealer on the inner corner of your eyes.
* Use a taupe color eyeshadow to help contour & lift your lids.
* Lastly, full brows help open up your eyes.
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Start your morning off with a cup of warm water with lemon. This will help boost your #immunity   and helps aid your digestion.
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#Neckrejuvenation   surgery will help enhance the appearance of your neck. If you are bothered by a poorly defined neckline or have #wrinkled   neck skin, a #Necklift   will give you a more youthful & overall improvement. 
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#BodyByFisher   tip: Do you have dry, cracked hands from constantly washing your hands? Try using a hand soap with a light moisturizer in it!
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#BodyByFisher   tip of the day: Remember to push back your fingers cuticles, not cut them. The cuticles help protect your nails from bacteria.
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#Armlift   is a special procedure that can reshape the underside of #sagging   upper arms caused from excess skin and fat. Get the self image & confidence you want by removing the unwanted skin. This procedure also know as #Brachialplasty   will give you a tighten look and feel more youthful!
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Dry #facial   skin can lead to makeup looking "cakey" try to apply a light moisturizer before.
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Loose hanging unwanted skin after weight loss or pregnancy can cause distress to thousands of people. #Tummytuck  is a surgery that helps improve the contour of the body by flattening & narrowing the abdomen. After #abdominoplasty  is performed it is followed by #Liposuction   to the waistline to help sculpt the body.
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Fall Beauty Tips:  Woman, as you get older you may think applying more makeup will help with your appearance, but LESS IS BETTER! To give yourself a more youthful look as you age......
- Try soft shades of blush & eyeshadows (light pinks tend to blend well)
- Remember to blend in concealers and foundations especially under & around your eyes, neck area & around your nostrils
Now your true beauty from inside will show on the outside.
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Here's a few simple tips from Dr. Fisher on how to prevent facial acne....
* Always protect your face, neck & chest apply sunscreen
* Use disinfecting wipes to wipe down cell phones, office & home phones throughout the day.
* Eat healthy foods & drink plenty of H2O
* Be sure to wash makeup brushes/ sponges once a week, they gather bacteria & leads to breakouts
* Exfoliate a bit longer NOT harder
* Most importnat NO PICKING! have an expert extract them gently & safely
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