"For the past several centuries, most Westerners would have identified themselves fundamentally as Depraved Sinners. In this construct, sin is something you fight like a recurring cancer — part of a daily battle against evil."

Right. Well, probably right. I don't think we can confidently assert what most Westerners' self-view was. But even if we accept this to have been the case, did it make them better people than we are? They were fighting against sin while keeping slaves, practicing genocide, forcing children to work in sweatshops, and putting poison into the food supply. 

People may have seen themselves as sinners, but this didn't lead to modesty and restraint. Those who had power and wealth generally seemed to regard those with less power and wealth as inherently more sinful than themselves, and so "needed" to be killed, or displaced, or enslaved, or forced to work long hours to overcome their natural indolence. 

David's columns these days basically amount to "I've read a book and here is my grand theory." Except that he doesn't seem to have thought things through, and rarely if ever comes back to present a more rounded and nuanced view. Over and over again I come to David's columns hoping that this time it'll be different. But with every column I face the same disappointment.
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