The spam hitting Wildmind is getting really clever. I'm getting a lot of them like this one: "Mindfulness has only meaning as a Buddhist pticrace if you have the skill. This comes when you have reached a stage of meditative pticrace where you can control or observe your thoughts as each arise; for only one thought can persist at any time in one’s mind. You are thus focussed on the moment or the present as they say; nothing else. By controlling your thought you thereby ‘able to’ control what you do i.e. your karma.If we wish to apply ‘mindfulness’ to Christian pticrace then a fortiori the Christian disciple must first learn to control his mind. Mindfulness does not come naturally; like kungfu it comes with training. The closest that I know of in a Christian sense is Jesuit prayer contemplation. Once a Christian has this skill of mindfulness he or she is then ‘able to’ [1] love God with all his mind, body and spirit and [2] love his neighbours like he love himself. Without this skill of mind – all is just wishful thinking about something fancifully terme
d as up to God’s Grace.Note that ‘able to’ is one thing; whether out of human frailties we let our senses or emotions take charge in a given situation is something else."

That's one clever algorithm, all right. 
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