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The spam hitting Wildmind is getting really clever. I'm getting a lot of them like this one: "Mindfulness has only meaning as a Buddhist pticrace if you have the skill. This comes when you have reached a stage of meditative pticrace where you can control or observe your thoughts as each arise; for only one thought can persist at any time in one’s mind. You are thus focussed on the moment or the present as they say; nothing else. By controlling your thought you thereby ‘able to’ control what you do i.e. your karma.If we wish to apply ‘mindfulness’ to Christian pticrace then a fortiori the Christian disciple must first learn to control his mind. Mindfulness does not come naturally; like kungfu it comes with training. The closest that I know of in a Christian sense is Jesuit prayer contemplation. Once a Christian has this skill of mindfulness he or she is then ‘able to’ [1] love God with all his mind, body and spirit and [2] love his neighbours like he love himself. Without this skill of mind – all is just wishful thinking about something fancifully terme
d as up to God’s Grace.Note that ‘able to’ is one thing; whether out of human frailties we let our senses or emotions take charge in a given situation is something else."

That's one clever algorithm, all right. 
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weirded, that's a slightly kinda pticeracely
Sometimes they're so good that it's only the deliberately mgnaglde words that give it away. They spam somehow uses context and appropriate keywords, and sometimes even makes sense!
Try making Dada poetry. Cut up any text into different words, mix them in a paper bag, and pick them out one by one. The resulting poem, however bizarre, seems to make a strange kind of sense because we intuitively look for patterns and connections.
I don't recall who showed this to me by "ee spammings" makes for great fun but takes practice. So why do they mangle the text on purpose?
But I'm getting dozens of these an hour, Scott, and they're very varied. Here's one from a few minutes ago: "With a 6 month old and a 2 1/2 year old, I could definitely use more pntieace! I’ve been reading “Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting” and I really want to try to make meditation a daily practice in my life."

If it wasn't for the mangling I'd have assumed this was genuine. That's the giveaway.

That's possible, but by searching for unmangled strings of text I've discovered that these appear to have been lifted from comments posted on sites with similar themes. It wouldn't be hard to have an algo to comb the web for comments, to mangle words so that it's easy to find when your comments have got through, and to post the results on other sites that contain similar contents to the first. The whole thing could be computerized Presumably there would be a stage two, where links are posted. There are no links at all in these spam comments.
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