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Science Fiction becomes True: a '3D Printer' Can Also Make Impossible Shape ...
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i saw that the other day.. WTF right?
i bet the ink cartridge costs an arm and a leg tho :P
Yeah, +Allan Mercado I don't think personal replicators will be something you and I will he owning anytime soon. I wonder about the environmental impact of what these printers do. I keep picturing the Professor's huge single-purpose machines on Futurama -- the ones that do one little thing and pump out 3 tons of radioactive sludge in the process. What's behind that wall, there, printer people..? :P
The extension I got from you. Trying it out and seems to work well.
Ahh, I see. I haven't tested that one fully, myself. Time to take another peek! :) 
The sharing to FB, Twitter, LinkedIn works well also.
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