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Great article and tips! One thing I'd add is in regards to the Schema language. The article mentioned using the /LocalBusiness category in the 'itemscope itemtype' tag; however, Schema provides even more detailed categories for refining the type of local business you are. In the example you shared, perhaps /MusicEvent may be even more targeted, and would help the search engines attribute more authority at the category level - an often overlooked element in determining local search rankings. For example, if I owned a music lesson studio, and knowing this is what my local customers would be searching for in Google specifically, I would do far better by focusing on the singularity of a category versus the generalized and broader scope of "/localbusiness".
Columnist Matthew Barby shares this handy primer on local search engine optimization.
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Bobby Holland

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Here's 3 reasons why your website isn't producing new leads and sales for your business >
I talk with a lot of business owners and managers who are frustrated with their websites.  The biggest cause of frustration is their websites aren't producing new leads and sales.  After all, if you are a business owner or manager with a website, one of your biggest goals is to have your website contribute to your bottom line.  And knowing that majority (if not all) of your customers are online, then your website should be the biggest source of n...
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thaks for helped me a lot :)
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Bobby Holland

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Test your website in Google's mobile friendly test tool on your iPhone
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+VonVictor Rosenchild -- the pleasure is all mine... thank you again
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Bobby Holland

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Bobby Holland

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Here's 3 reasons why you need to be a "mobile first" business >>
Mobile is huge!  And this really understates the magnitude and scale of growth in mobile.  Within every demographic - from 8 year olds to 80 year olds - the shift to mobile is unprecedented.  As such, if you are a business owner or manager, I believe RIGHT NOW is the time to start asking the question "how can I become a mobile first business!".But first, what exactly does being a "mobile first" business really mean?  It starts with a mindset shif...
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Bobby Holland

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What to do if your website is not mobile friendly? >>
As expected, I'm getting quite a few emails from people asking me "what should I do... my website gets a "Not mobile friendly" response when I run it through Google's mobile testing tool?"  If you've been paying attention online over the past couple of weeks, you've heard the buzz around Google's mobile algorithm update that went live today.  The update is designed to favor websites in the search results that are "mobile friendly" - meaning, you ...
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Bobby Holland

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Think Singularity - NOT Competition!
Competition in any market equals shrinking profit margins, defiant competition, and ultimately death to your business.Monopolistic business models enjoy wide open market share, scaling profit margins, and decades of growth.Think Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Tesla, and even Bitcoin (although the Bitcoin story is still unfolding).Think singularity, not competition.
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Looking for friend or more than friend
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Bobby Holland

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Micro Moments - perhaps the #1 reason to make a shift toward a "mobile first" marketing strategy >>
The way consumers research products and services is changing dramatically.  And the biggest driver of change is the mobile phone and what's called micro moments - small moments in time someone pulls out their mobile phone to research products and services, and to explore something they are thinking about that moment.Let me bring it down to the ground level on how these micro moments should be influencing the way we (local and small businesses) mo...
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Bobby Holland

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podcasts are the future!  great episode btw
Do you listen to podcasts? 
It's the fastest growing medium and quick becoming the go to source for life long learners. I was asked to be a guest on The Chalene Show with  +chalene johnson

Take a listen >>

iPhone users the link above will take you right to my interview. You can download the show for free.

#socialmedia   #artofsocia   #podcast  
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Bobby Holland

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How to get more Google reviews right from your website >
As you know, getting reviews from your customers helps to build brand authority, a loyal customer base, and also connect with new prospects and leads for your business.One of the best places to get reviews from customers is Google.  If you are a local business, then Google reviews can help increase the overall rating of your business page, which could result in higher rankings and more exposure to new customers searching for what you offer.Also, ...
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Bobby Holland

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I would actually recommend using Schema's logo property, which takes a more detailed and "higher quality" approach to integrating your logo - here's the markup along with the addition of a keyword rich alt tag and keyword rich image file name for even greater SEO impact:

<div itemscope itemtype="">
<a itemprop="url" href=""><img itemprop="logo" src="" alt="keyword targeted alt tag"/></a>
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Bobby Holland

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Here's 10 things you need to know about Google's mobile algorithm update >>
Since Google launched it's mobile algorithm update today, there's been a lot of conflicting information buzzing around the web as to what types of websites are affected, how will Google determine the impact in rankings, and what exactly is Google looking for in the update.I'd like to take a moment to clarify exactly what's going on with this mobile algorithm update, and hopefully reel in some of the misconceptions that are out there.So let's dive...
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thanks for the +1 - I really appreciate it...
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