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Cloud vs Rock

Last night I headed back to top of the Malibu Mountains to capture a brobdingnagian rock!

 Yes. Ever since +Khris Griffis and I discovered this cool spot, I have been dying to capture this rock right at sunset. So last night...I did! As you can see, the clouds started to roll in like clock work yet again. They move pretty fast too. By the time I got off several exposures, my front element was all misty and I was left in the cloud! 

Hoping this qualifies for #panopoker  Theme Mountains  Which is Curated by: +Mike Spinak , +Barry Blanchard , and of course the legendary +Tony Payne .
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The clouds to separate the foreground rock work well. The colors are great. I like this.
+Mike Spinak Hey thanks!!! I never seem to catch any of your themes in Panopoker in the past. Looking forward to keeping up with you guys, especially +Rob Lopes and +Tony Payne!   :)  
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