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The Franklin Town Board will be meeting tonight at 7pm. The agenda for the meeting is at the link below and I will be posting a nearly live play by play in the comments thread below. 
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Ground Rules

I'll start the play by play off by saying that anyone who is interested may contribute to the coverage of this event by chiming in. If you use vulgar language or launch personal attacks on the TDA members, other commenters, or myself...I will block you from adding further comments to this coverage thread.

One reason I am using G+ is that the community here is much more respectful of one another than the Twitter or (most especially) the Facebook Horde of don't disappoint me.
The county commissioner meeting is over and I am in the town hall and set up to cover the meeting.
Alderman Bob Scott wanted the minutes of the Nov 27, 2012 meeting to reflect what went on at that meeting instead of a one sentence summation that he felt missed the spirit of the meeting.  He was voted down 5-2, with only he and Alderman Joyce Handley supporting the motion.
Public Session

Matt Bateman is speaking about what Venture Local Franklin is about and is giving his perspective on the events where town merchants and the Main Street Program have been at odds.
Betsey Gooder, publisher of the Macon County News, is now speaking about the rift between the merchants at the Main Street Program. She is also relaying some very personal information that I will let the video relay.
Brittany Parker, a reporter for the Macon County News, is now speaking about her experience with Alderman Sissy Patillo. I will leave her remarks for the video to relay as well.
A business owner is relaying a complaint about the way the road in front of his business was left in disrepair after they did some sewer work. He and the Town Manager went back and forth.
Dan Williams, a frequent participant in the public comment periods is now up at the podium and rambling on. I'll let the video speak for him, too.
I fully expect to see Dan tazed at one of these meetings.
The 2013 meeting schedule has been approved.

The Franklin Press
Macon County News 
Thunder Pig/Macon Media (me)
The Town Manager is now discussing renovations to the Town Gazebo
Joyce Handley has made a motion to begin preparations to make improvements to the parking lot at town hall in anticipation of moving the Picking on the Square to that area. Motion passes with no opposition.
John Henning, Town Attorney, is discussing the Junk Car Ordinance...
Aldermen have adopted the Junk Car Ordinance with no opposition.
Alderman Bob Scott has made several remarks that I can not do justice to in this forum. I will let the video relay his remarks.
The Town Manager, Sam Greenwood,  has released a transition report on preparing Warren Cabe to take his place.
The Aldermen have adjourned. I will process this video before the video from the county commissioner meeting. I would also like to thank Bill Vernon for running my spare camera for me.
Low-resolution video from tonight's Aldermen meeting is edited and processing in my video editing software. I anticipate it being online by midnight.

The low-resolution version of tonight's county commissioner meeting will probably be finished and online by 3 or 4am. Then, I plan on sleeping all day tomorrow while HD versions of the meetings process.
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