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You are looking at the circle of people who I follow most vigorously on here, and who I check in with at least daily, hence the name, Daily Chickens ¹

Circle up! These people have the most fun/entertaining or informative posts on G+, at least out of the 2700+ people I've got circled, IMHO.

PS - I don't share circles very often, but these guys are worth the effort, and deserve the attention.

¹ Last night in a Hangout, +Renata Sherwin was telling us about her "Daily Checkins" circle and I mistakenly thought she said "chickens", ha ha!
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circles are overrated. search = quality without quantity
Ah, thanks sweetie! I am going to catch you in a hang-out one of these days, damn it!
+Susan Lewis Sorry. Just added too many shared circles with irrelevant people. Say I added a midget pron circle for example. Not 1 post I saw, ever, about midget pron.
+Dean Wallace No worries, just giving you a bad time. Yeah I hate it when my midget porn circle doesn't post.
Stupid midget porn G+ers!
Uncircles them all
I guess no one has grasped the concept of circles yet or how to share them. 1 person who once mention they liked football 6 months ago does not deserve to be in a football circle or shared as a midget porn football circle. That is my point. Annoys me
+Dean Wallace +You Mad Bro?

+Wallie Hawkins - I should have added in my post that I also *just* created this circle and added many new people who I've been following in the last month or two... you are now one of the chickens with whom I WANT to check in daily!
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