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Happy 3576th Birthday, +William Shakespeare!

April showers bring May flowers. Stop complaining about the rain!


Quote on image by Qyazzirah Syeikh Ariffin
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I really like this but it's not Shakespeare.
I'm not going to let you guys ruin my pretty post! ಠ_ಠ
I like the rain. And I don't use an umbrella. But... You told me that it's sunshine I need in my heart. Now I'm all confused... Which is it woman... sunshine or rain?
Anyway it is Shakespeare, it's just modern without all the thous and thees. Which is fine because it makes it easier to understand. To be honest, much easier than all the OMG, FYI, IRL, LMAO etc etc I have to decipher my way through on Google plus each day :D
+Rebecca Rippin Been around Facebook? You english speakers have this acronyms, in spanish they just plain screw up the entire Grammar.
Whoever said it was Shakespeare, I will NEVER know. I just found a pic that reminded me of spring and all the people complaining of rain, and thought it appropriate for today and for the occasion ಠ_ಠ

edited because I said "I found a post" not "pic"
I don't mind them changing the grammar to be honest. Language is alive. BTW (showing off now.... ;) ) +D. Square thanks for the abbreviation help yesterday. And guys, CUL8ER.... Wow....
LOL Bobbi Jo. You just can't win! According to everything I can find, it was wrongly attributed to Shakespeare on purpose and is actually by someone named Qyazzirah Syeikh Ariffin. I wonder if the purpose of the wrong attribution was just to watch these situations go down for years to come.
who he loves you truly will never open an umbrella, seek shadow and shut the windows even if you rain stones on him bake him in the sun and direct hurricane towards him provided that you are honest of your actions and you don't mean to hurt him even if you hurt him to death
We are not talking about #whatsnotshakespeare , here, people!
But it's pretty and romantic so, given +Bobbi Jo Woods 's rose-coloured spectacles in-love situ, who care's who is the blimmin author? (i.e. WGAF - I'm learning....). If it makes her feel happy, it rocks!!!
Well, he was born in 1564. I suck at math. You do it.
I would have been surprised to learn umbrellas existed in Shakespearean times. Possible, but an odd thought. This quote has been attributed to both Shakespeare AND Bob Marley for a long time. :D I don't think its either. But nice picture!
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